Team17 is gearing up for the announcement of Absolute Games’ first title – Gamereactor

Sony’s presentation on Wednesday officially kicked off the video game industry’s summer event season, when we see dozens of new games of varying degrees at conferences from console makers and publishers big and small. Firstly,Team17Step forward and volunteer for a fully classified mission behind enemy lines.

That’s right, we don’t have a name, we don’t have a date, we don’t even have a genre assigned to this game, it’s going to beAbsolute GamesThe studio’s first title, but we know that it will be about World War II, and that stealth will be a big part of the core game, thanks to a small trailer that they released a few minutes ago.

Strike when they least expect it. Become an army of shadows.

We don’t know the game’s release window or platforms at the moment, but a Morse code message on the studio’s website tells us to keep an eye out for the date May 31, 2023. That’s when we’ll see what the mission of this title is. .


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