Tear up every dimension of the SEA Games! Cambodia, the first country, charged 28 million baht for copyright.

Cambodia, the host of the 32nd SEA Games, continues to draw criticism. It was recently confirmed that this competition will raise live broadcast royalties of up to $800,000 or about 28 million baht.

Previously, the national team that hosted the SEA Games in the past will not be charged royalties. which will release the images for different nations to watch for free But it will be exchanged with a small fee (so it does not call for copyright), the biggest is Vietnam, which calls for 10,000 dollars per nation, or around 349,200 baht only. latest The official website of the tournament confirms that they have indeed revolutionized this tradition. In addition to collecting royalties Still set the most expensive figure at 28 million baht, now 2 countries have already been bought. Vietnam and Malaysia are revealed but there is no confirmation of the amount of purchases

Thailand Movement The Sports Authority of Thailand or SAT is trying to discuss this issue because if the price is really 28 million baht, they will not buy it. But there is a problem. The SEA Games MUST HAVE rules that Thai people must watch for free. Causing this issue to go to General Prawit Wongsuwan, President of the Thai Olympic Committee to be the decision maker

Previously, there was a nation that tried to raise royalties up to $ 315,005, or about 11 million baht (but still cheaper than this time), when Laos hosted in 2009, but in the end, no one paid that amount and still watching. usual


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