Tearful reconciliation with Lee Do-hyun, Ra Mi-ran, who found memories… I found out that twins were born (‘Bad Mother’)[종합]

[스포츠조선닷컴 이우주 기자] Lee Do-hyun, who found all the memories of ‘Bad Mother’, left home once again to exact revenge.

In the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Bad Mother’, which aired on the 1st, the images of Jin Young-soon’s (Ra Mi-ran) and Choi Kang-ho’s (Lee Do-hyun) mother and father were drawn after a fire accident. .

Oh Tae-soo (Jung Woong-in) went to Song Woo-byeok (Choi Moo-seong) and suggested that he marry his mistress Hwang Soo-hyeon (Ki Eun-se) with Choi Kang-ho and deal with Choi Kang-ho. In an offer similar to Oh Tae-soo’s threat, Song Woo-byeok eventually agreed.

While Jin Yeong-soon and Choi Kang-ho were sleeping, a fire started by the attackers broke out at the pig farm. Jin Young-soon came out of the flames, and Jin Young-soon found Choi Kang-ho, who was trapped inside the farm. Fortunately, Choi Kang-ho got out safely. Bang Sam-shik (played by Yoo In-soo) testified to the police that he saw the attacker, but Jin Young-soon falsely admitted, “I did it by mistake. The fire started because of me. It’s not there is nothing to investigate. further.” Lee Mi-joo (Ahn Eun-jin) suspected Jin Young-soon of lying and questioned Bang Sam-sik, and Bang Sam-sik admitted, “It was Oh Tae-soo’s fault. Kang-ho in danger now.” Lee Mi-joo, who learned everything, told Jin Young-soon that Choi Kang-ho has the true copy of Oh Tae-soo’s genetic test.

Lee Mi-joo said to report it to the police, but Jin Young-soon said, “We’re leaving. I don’t have much time left anyway, and when Kang-ho wakes up, I’ll move to an unknown . where and then go through immigration procedures.” Lee Mi-ju admitted to Jin Young-soon, who learned about her past with Choi Kang-ho, that the twins were Choi Kang-ho’s children.

To Lee Mi-joo, who said, “Choi Kang-ho left me,” Jin Young-soon said, “Kang-ho didn’t abandon us. He wanted revenge. He didn’t want us to be in danger, so he broke himself away. Kang-ho left us, not himself.” Choi Kang-ho, who woke up, also learned all the facts. However, as soon as he learned the truth, Choi Kang-ho was arrested as a suspect in Hwang Soo-hyeon’s murder. Choi Kang-ho, who was being investigated by the police, said, “It’s scary,” and returned home pretending to be a child.

Jin Yeong-soon recognized that Choi Kang-ho’s memory had returned. Jin Young-soon apologized, saying, “Mom was so scared. I’m afraid I’ll never see you again. I should beg you to forgive my mom for doing something really wrong, but I’m afraid I’ll leave without it. do that.” Choi Kang-ho hugged Jin, saying, “I’m back.”

Jin Yeong-soon stopped Choi Kang-ho from retaliating, but Choi Kang-ho said, “It becomes more dangerous if I stay still.” Jin Yeong-soon asked to leave, but Choi Kang-ho said, “Mr. Hwang Soo-hyeon tried to do the same thing, but it happened. Those people will find us no matter what. Before, we must find evidence to catch them,” and he left again.

Lee Mi-joo found Oh Ha-yeong (played by Hong Bira) taking drugs in the car on the day of the car accident in a video filmed by the twins. Feeling strange, Lee Mi-ju recklessly went to Oh Ha-young’s house, but the housekeeper said that Oh Ha-young was in the hospital. Lee Mi-joo remembered Oh Ha-young’s first meeting with Oh Ha-young, who presented her with a medical certificate from Woosung Medical Center.


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