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Tears fell! “Mew Sirilaphat” was hit by a young man make a surprise as a girlfriend

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October 22, 2021 – 16:45

Tears fell! “Mew Sirilaphat” was hit by a young man make a surprise as a girlfriend Reveal the impression of someone who makes you smile all the time.

After experiencing COVID-19 causing him to break up with his ex boyfriend because we haven’t seen each other for a long time until finally having to end the relationship For the actress “Mew Sirilaphat Kongtrakarn”, but recently it seems that her heart is now pink again. After being a young man who has known each other for a long time make a surprise as a girlfriend until she could not hold back the tears at all Ready to agree to be a sweetheart.

By Facebook, “Tossapol Boonk Boonyatanapiwat” of the young master revealed the moment while the girl “Mew Sirilaphat”, whose tears flowed onto Facebook and wrote a deep message that

“We have known each other for a very long time. No, I intend to know her for a long time. I started talking because of the covids. I greeted them because I was worried about seeing the news online. I remember getting the phrase “Who are you? You have no effect on my life. Why do I have to listen to you?” This is the first conversation that we have video call. It hurts until I remember it. Haha.

We are both sick people. Both antidepressants and alcohol both together So the lines go in the same natural and normal way. We video chat a lot. So much that I dared to invite her as well, until she agreed to go even though we had never known each other in person before.

until a job an accident happened We worked together by chance. I had the opportunity to take a photo and after the event, we went to eat together. Everything should have started from that day. More than a month ago after that, we almost stick together every day. meet and live together Until today, we have come to Staycation together and meet every day. So I didn’t have a chance to surprise. Therefore, I have to disturb my sister-in-law to contact business for this item.

My family came to stay at Cha-Am today. The distance between Thap Sakae and Cha-am is exactly five hours round trip. but intentionally Than to deceive her that she will be back soon had to bring the mother in as a reason

But it’s worth every minute. every kilometer passed It was worth it when she asked. Brother, what are you? I replied to her when we met. “Let’s be a girlfriend” , “Yes.” Two and a half years I’ve been living alone. It’s worth it to meet Mew Surreal but nice 21.10.2021”

As for the girl, “Mew Sirilaphat” showed the ring after being asked to be a girlfriend. By revealing the same set of pictures as your sweetheart, along with revealing a message via private Facebook that… “A person who makes me smile… no matter how sad we are. Thank you very much You can’t be a sister anymore. Throw in this amount of time 5555

This event made friends in the entertainment industry and fans come to comment on the new love of both couples overwhelmingly.

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