Technical inspection fee for vehicles in Saudi has been revised

Riyadh: The technical inspection fee for vehicles in Saudi Arabia has been revised. The change came after the Council of Ministers approved the charges for technical inspection and re-inspection of vehicles including bicycles, buses, trucks and heavy equipment.

The fee for a technical inspection of different types of vehicles is 45 to 205 shillings and the re-inspection fee for those who fail the inspection is 15 to 68 shillings. A fee of 33 Riyals is required to repair and re-inspect cars that fail the technical inspection. Vans with 10 to 15 seats and a gross weight not exceeding five tonnes, cargo vehicles weighing less than three and a half tonnes and vehicles towing other vehicles without an engine will have to pay 100 Syrians to to be examined and 33 Syrians for re-examination.

The fee for the inspection of two-wheeled bicycles is 45 Syrians and 15 Saudis for re-inspection, and 50 Syrians for inspecting three-wheeled bicycles and 4-wheeled bicycles (quads) and 17 Syrians for re-inspected. The fee is 141 Syrians for the inspection of minibuses with a total weight of 15 to 30 passengers not exceeding 5 tonnes and cargo vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tonnes to 12 tonnes and 47 Syrians for re-inspection after fix the defects.

A fee of 184 Riyals and 61 Riyals for re-inspection is paid for the inspection of vehicles and trailer heads weighing more than three and a half tons and transporting other vehicles without engines. For buses with more than 30 seats, gross weight of more than five tons, cargo vehicles and heavy equipment with gross weight of more than 12 tons, the fee is 205 Syrians and the re-inspection is 68 Saudis.

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