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Unique title: Technological innovation empowers the “experimental field” of the new power process

“Gigawatt-degree shared electricity storage engineering will generate the optimization of Qinghai’s complete power framework and in general economic improvement, generate the rapid growth of Qinghai’s lithium battery sector and devices producing sector, and remedy the challenge of power storage participating in the current market electrical and auxiliary spot. provider market.” 15 August Li Yongbin, director of the regulatory centre of Point out Grid Qinghai Electric powered Energy Company (hereafter referred to as Condition Grid Qinghai Electric Electrical power), pointed out “the key know-how of gigawatt-level shared strength storage blockchain dependent on UHV DC Supply and advancement and software of DC reinforcement gadgets” claims the job. From the end of July 2022, the project has been entirely introduced and has entered the stage of professional project supervision on web-site.

Having scientific and technological innovation and scientific investigation as the standard driving force, depending on the standard scenarios of Qinghai Power Grid, State Grid Qinghai Electric powered Electrical power has strengthened the technological plan, carried out theoretical analysis and technological study and enhancement in a general fashion, and endorse the construction of new systems, new tools apps and Innovation technological demonstration initiatives, guide electrical power transformation and advancement, and entirely aid the design of the Qinghai new ability system demonstration zone.

Technological developments are empowering the progress of new electrical power

Concentrating on new difficulties and troubles in the field of new energy administration and ability protection, Condition Grid Qinghai Electrical Electric power focuses on strengthening technological research, multi-disciplinary and multi-professional efforts, and supports the design of new electricity systems with scientific and technological innovation, and encourages the development of a clean up vitality marketplace plateau at a nationwide degree.

“We begin from advertising the multi-conversation of ‘source, community, load and storage’, and consider manage of coordinated procedure of new energy electric power era, risk-free and stable operation of the electrical power process, versatile adjustment and conversation of load terminals, electricity storage engineering. and sector mechanism as the 4 primary directions of attack. The complex issues of the new electricity technique of the ability grid. “Yang Senlin, director of the State Grid Electric powered Electric power Science and Technological innovation Department of Qinghai released.

State Grid Qinghai Electrical Ability Co., Ltd. has preliminarily formulated a exclusive approach for addressing key troubles in new electric energy technological know-how and anchored 21 scientific investigation tasks in purchase to be a great “testing floor” for a process the new ability of State Grid Corporation of China. Addressing essential tasks, the total chain of scientific and technological investigate and improvement has been controlled and managed, providing a potent scientific and technological assurance for the design of a area display screen Qinghai’s new power technique.

Operational assist technological know-how for new electricity electric power technology, new electricity process simulation engineering, harmless operation know-how for electrochemical vitality storage electricity crops… One particular venture after a different has been introduced, street maps are staying shaped, and the impact of technology in empowering the new electric power of programs is turning out to be increasingly obvious. .

Demonstration tasks realize leadership

Just after Qinghai Province turned the first batch of provincial-amount demonstration zones for new electricity methods, Condition Grid Qinghai Electric Energy has set the intention of top the technique construction with demonstration assignments.

The essential demonstration project of Qinghai’s new electrical power program – “wind-photo voltaic hydrogen storage” landed a in depth strength intake demonstration foundation in Yunjiakou, Xining City. “In the long term, the basis will build 6 standard scenarios, together with the hydrogen-electric coupling demonstration system, the compressed air power storage demonstration system, and the wind-mild-water comprehensive command demonstration platform for a number of electrical power storage, to offer demonstration samples. for a amount of technical researches.” Qinghai Condition Grid released Yang Libin, deputy manager of the New Strength Tests Technology Services Centre of the Financial Analysis Institute.

At the exact same time, “wind-photo voltaic hydrogen storage” thorough strength use demonstration base will also attempt to establish a “six-in-a person” multi-power complementary demonstration system of basic analysis, investigate and enhancement demonstration, typical steerage, accomplishment transformation , promotion and software, and technical teaching The application in actual scenarios will enable the vitality transformation and upgrading of Qinghai Province.

In the 10 million kilowatt-amount new vitality foundation in Qinghai and Hainan, the world’s greatest new electrical power distributed management team is working stably. “The actual operation impact of the energy administration group is impressive, which has played an important role in marketing Qinghai’s new energy output and relieving the tension of new electrical power use.” Chen Chunmeng, director of the process procedure section of the Condition Grid Qinghai Electric Electricity Administration Centre, presented.

The basis takes advantage of the 1st demonstration venture to travel the formation of a promotional impact, and discover a superior-top quality enhancement demonstration design for the Qinghai New Power System Demonstration Zone. Presently, Point out Grid Qinghai Electric powered Electric power continuously promotes strategic cooperation with all events to promote the implementation of crucial demonstration initiatives such as carbon-free field and electric power-to-hydrogen conversion.

Relying on “expertise + know-how” twin-engine travel

“With the guidance of skills and technology, we have in essence recognized a carbon emission statistical calculation procedure that addresses all fields. The thoughts, solutions and exploration and progress achievements of the ‘electricity-carbon’ design have been promoted in numerous places through the country, in order to comprehensively establish national-stage carbon emissions The monitoring platform delivers productive aid,” reported Zhou Qunxing, director of Qinghai Point out Grid Electric Power Web Section.

Wang Xuebin is the investigation director of Qinghai State Grid Electric Power Research Institute “Study on Growth Path of Qinghai New Electricity System and Essential Problems of Secure and Stable Operation”. He said: “Our workforce aims to strengthen innovation abilities, totally provide the design of Qinghai’s new electricity procedure, and assist accomplish the ‘double carbon’ target.”

Due to the fact 2021, Condition Grid Qinghai Ability has formulated 8 steps for the interactive improvement of scientific investigation and benchmarks, created a cross-amount adaptable workforce platform, and recognized a sector-oriented innovation program with deep integration of business, academia and investigation, focusing on creating a new electricity method.

Focus on the “twin carbon” purpose, and help Qinghai build a clean up energy industry plateau. Point out Grid Qinghai Electric powered Electrical power actively participates in scientific and technological analysis, exploration and observe, adheres to expertise teaching and technological innovation, helps to enhance cleanse energy marketplace engineering, and supports the design of new electrical power units with non-halt technological innovation. never

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