20 minutes – Private speakers for updates: Sonos apologizes


Sonos’ decision to stop rolling out updates to a selection of its old connected audio products starting in May has caused a lot of talk this week over the owners of these devices known as Legacy. Among these, we will mention the Connect speaker, Connect: AMP (sold between 2006 and 2015), the CR200, the 1st generation Play: 5, as well as the models ZP80, ZP90, ZP100 and ZP120.

Faced with the grumbling of users, Sonos has revised its position somewhat. In a press release, Patrick Spence, head of the company, apologized on Thursday announcing that the company would continue to issue bug updates and security fixes as long as possible.

Despite the fact that these products will remain functional after the cut-off date, they will no longer receive software updates allowing them to receive new functionalities. Please be assured that in May, when we stop new software updates for our Legacy products, they will continue to operate as they do today. We do not brick them, we do not drill them obsolescence and we do not remove any functionality, assured the leader.

The company also explained that it was working on a solution to separate the old devices connected with those more modern, so as not to prevent the latter from continuing to receive functional updates and to continue to ensure interoperability with the older modules of the Sonos ecosystem. We want our customers to get our latest and best products when they are excited about what they offer and not because they feel compelled to do so, the company said.




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