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As you probably already know, Respawn Entertainment made a long stream on the evening of January 23rd. This stream focused in particular on the release of Season 4 of Apex Legends expected for February 4, 2020 and on these many contributions, starting with a new Battle-Pass, corrections in messes and a new character: Forge. But, it could be that the latter is not the only new Legend playable at the launch of this fourth season.

In addition to Forge, an expert wrestler in hand-to-hand combat, Apex Legends could receive a second playable character. It would be Revenant, a character repeatedly teased during the many easter eggs in the game and reported by some dataminers. Indeed, Internet users had fun searching the web in order to find many clues regarding the imminent arrival of this new hero. The first and most credible is none other than an image that can be obtained by doing special manipulation. When you go to the official website of the game, you can click on the new artwork from Forge available by clicking here. Once on this image, it remains only to modify the number 6 in the link by the number 7 in order to obtain a new artwork, that of Revenant.

Apex Legends - A second character for the launch of Season 4?

As a reminder, before the release of Crypto as a playable character, the latter had been seen hacking a computer on the old map of the game. For its part, Revenant already made an appearance during the Halloween event of ‘Apex Legends. It is for this reason that some Reddit users have continued to research this mysterious character. Revenant would therefore have lines of dialogues during the Valentine’s Day event as we can see by clicking here, and the latter would also have been mentioned a few months ago on a developer sheet. The latter suggested that after Crypto, the character Revenant should be born and would be accompanied by a certain Loba, another Legend. However, the sheet never mentions Forge, the new real character of this Season 4.

Of course, all this information is not official and is only speculation on the part of Internet users. It only remains for us to continue to investigate to know whether or not Season 4 of Apex Legends still has some surprises for players.

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