Apple vs. Trump, a marketing war


Donald Trump does not let go of Apple. On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the American president again accused, via Twitter, the Californian multinational of indirectly supporting criminals. The reason: Apple refuses to provide justice with full access to its iPhone. Behind this showdown, which closely concerns all owners of a telephone, hides a marketing war: with strong declarations, both Donald Trump and the multinational seek above all to advertise themselves.

The case that triggered this new arms deal dates from December 6. On that day, a member of the Saudi Air Force in military training in the United States killed three people on a naval air base in Florida. The man, whose act will be described as terrorist, will then be shot by the police. Investigators discover that the Saudi man had two iPhones – he was carrying one, the other remained in his vehicle – which the FBI is seeking access to. Problem: The security level of the two devices is such that it cannot read the content.


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