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Bandai Namco Entertainment started the week with a big bang and quit with Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions launched a new arcade soccer game for the Nintendo Switch. During the course of yesterday, the multinational developer and publisher of video games updated the product page and expanded it with a lot of new information and presented the various Games mechanics by Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. From the V-Zone to the special skills – below you will find a detailed overview of the individual game mechanics and skills:

CAPTAIN TSUBASA: RISE OF NEW CHAMPIONS Description of the gameplay!

The concept of the game is: “Every player can easily do super actions in Captain Tsubasa.” Players can perform unique actions of the respective characters in the game, each character having its own “will display”, “technique” and “special actions”.

The basis of all actions:

  • WILL DISPLAY – In this game, all players have their own “will display”. This empties when you sprint or take an action (special action). The skillful use of will is the key to victory in a game.

Captain Tsubasa’s symbol:

  • ACTION – “Actions” are the symbol of Captain Tsubasa. Your activation consumes a certain amount of will. There is a wide range of different “actions”, from shots to dribbles and blocks. Scoring or preventing goals is the most important part of the game.

Each player has his own style:

  • SPECIAL ABILITY – In this game, each player has “special abilities” that reflect the special playing styles of Captain Tsubasa’s unique characters. These skills affect a character’s attributes and will, and their activation depends on circumstances such as savegame, position on the field, etc. Using characters with skills that match the player’s strategy in the game is the key to victory.

Play as a team and take control of the game:

  • V-ZONE – In this game, actions that raise morale, such as dubbing opponents or conquering balls, will charge a team ad. When fully charged, players can activate the “V-Zone”. When the V-Zone is active, the fill-up rate of the will and the kick display for all team members are increased for a certain time. Used correctly, it can bring the decisive advantage in a game. If the captain of a team has the special ability “captain ability”, special effects can also be assigned to teammates.

Dribble past opponents with various actions:

  • DRIBBLE – In this game, players can bypass foes or “quick dribbling” and “dribbling actions” on opponents. The dubbing of several opponents in a row activates a “zone” (bonus effect), through which the will display and shot display can be charged more easily, so that the player can quickly release a powerful shot.

Load the ad and take a special action:

  • SHOT – If a player fully charges his shot display without being attacked by an opponent, he can perform a powerful “shot action”. Some players can activate an even stronger “super shot action” by fully charging their two-stage display.

Read the movements of the opponents and take the ball from them:

  • Tackling – Players can conquer the ball with “sprint” actions and “tackling” actions in response to the opponent’s dribbling. Some tackling actions are so hard that the opponent lies motionless on the floor for a short time afterwards.

Use the energy meter sparingly:

  • GOALKEEPER – To show the sheer superhuman achievements of the goalkeeper in Captain Tsubasa, there is an energy display for them in this game. If it has been cleared by shots, it will be easier to score against it. In addition, some players can use their V-zone display to make “super parades” that can completely repel shots.

Master the optimal timing in the air:

  • AIR SHOT – There are also shots that can only be activated in the air and shots that are carried out together with another player. Players can try to score in a variety of ways depending on the situation.

Play powerful wide actions (certain characters):

  • PASS AND LONG PASS – In addition to ordinary passes, some players can also top up their ad and play “long pass promotions”. The passport recipient can load their own shot announcement during this pass action and then activate a shot action directly. Some players have “common pass actions” that opponents can overcome in a single action.

Block a shot with the whole body:

  • BLOCK – Some players automatically activate a “block action” when standing between the goal and the shooter. Successful blocking actions block a shot and slow down the goalkeeper’s energy consumption.

The very first trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions generated a huge wave of positive reactions from the video game world – now Bandai Namco Entertainment and our colleagues from IGN released the first Games material from a previously unpublished demo version. The game material was recorded on the PlayStation 4 and shows a complete match between the Tsubasa Ozora’s Nankatsu Middle School and the rival Toho Academy with the star player Kojiro Hyuga:

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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of News Champions is slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year. Do you like the game material shown so far and the game mechanics presented?

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment, YouTube (IGN) – News picture: Original artwork: © Bandai Namco Entertainment, artwork composition: © ntower



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