Control – First references to PS5


In Control you slip into the role of Jesse Faden. In Control you slip into the role of Jesse Faden.

Control was one of the secret highlights of last year for many, but the action game by developer Remedy was not completely convincing in our test. So far, the title is available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, but there are now first indications of implementations for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The following passage can be found in an annual report by the studio, which also included sales figures:

Control’s high quality, uniqueness and technical innovation provide opportunities to bring the game to new platforms.

Remedy has new platforms – and in all likelihood the PS5 and Xbox Series X are meant – in the back of their minds, a porting of their current title (and possibly also of titles before it) is conceivable accordingly. (via pushsquare)

Game of the Year Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

The question naturally arises as to which bonuses the next-gen versions can offer. In addition to an improved look, a “complete package” is probably the best option. For Control, two DLCs are planned for 2020, which the developers could of course pack directly into the revised versions.

Playable on PS5 anyway: As with a possible PS5 version of Dreams, the same applies to Control that it will be playable on the new Sony console anyway. Because the PS5 will include PS4 backward compatibility, the PSVR will also be compatible with the console.


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