Doubletake by Filmic Pro: New multi-cam app lands in the App Store


With the iPhone 11 there are some new possibilities with the integrated camera lenses. In principle, it is possible to use two or more lenses at the same time for video recordings. This option is now used by the new Doubletake by Filmic Pro app (app store link), which can be downloaded to the iPhone free of charge. In addition to 16 MB of free space, you should also bring iOS 13.0 or later on the device for the setup. The makers of Filmic have also already considered German localization.

“DoubleTake by Filmic turns your iPhone into a multi-cam studio, with which you can simultaneously record videos from two cameras on current devices,” the developers explain in the app store description. It should be noted that Doubletake under iOS 13 only works with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS and XR. Other iPhones with iOS 13 can also install the camera, but then only record with one camera.

The multi-cam function from Doubletake will later also be integrated into the Filmic Pro cinema camera app and now offers a little foretaste of it. The application offers various options for multi-cam design, for example as a pre-help when recording a video in order to be able to select the most suitable lens. A double recording, which records both questioners and interviewees with the front and rear lens, can also be advantageous for interviews.

Recordings at 24, 25 or 30 fps

Doubletake allows you to select or activate the respective available camera in the settings and then to define the display of the final video. For example, a PiP (Picture-in-Picture) view is possible, in which the small video image on the screen can be moved and enlarged or reduced. The user can also decide whether he wants to save the videos as separate files or collectively as one video. You can also choose a 50/50 view with a video on the left and right half of the screen.

Other features of the app include focus and exposure control, which can be individually set by tapping and locking for a specific image area. In the video device, the frame rate can also be set between 24 fps, 25 fps and 30 fps. The best video resolution is 1080p – unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow more with multi-cam recordings. On my iPhone XR, I was able for the first time to take advantage of the option of using both the front and rear camera together using the PiP effect. For busy videographers, Doubletake is therefore a really worthwhile download that gets even more out of the iPhone camera – without any advertising or in-app purchases.

Doubletake by FiLMiC Pro
Doubletake by FiLMiC Pro


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