ESO will soon become leaner, faster, better – you have to reload


MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia) announces Update 25 and the first DLC for 2020 “Harrowstorm”. In addition to new content, the focus is on performance: ESO should slim down about 30 GB. This should be clearly noticeable, but only after the client has been downloaded again.

That is the announcement: The big show of “The Black Heart of Skyrim”, the 2020 season of The Elder Scrolls Online, took place on Thursday. At the center of the year will be the new “Greymoor” extension, but it won’t come until summer.

However, ESO is already being expanded in February and March. The content for the PC will probably come in late February, for PS4 and Xbox One as usual two weeks later, in March.

The following appear:

  • the Harrowstorm Dungeon Extension, the 1st DLC 2020
  • and the important update 25
Players will have to wait a little longer for Greymoor.

ESO slims down almost 30 GB

What is this update? ESO Update 25 will continue the long-announced ESO performance improvements fans have been waiting for. A roadmap was published in summer 2019, which Zenimax updated monthly to keep players up to date.

Update 25 is now the big, important step:

  • When the update arrives, players on all platforms will have to download The Elder Scrolls Online from scratch
  • However, the new version will be almost 30 GB smaller than the previous vision, i.e. slimming down significantly and using less hard disk space
  • The new version should then run faster, load faster, the frame rates will “be a little bit better” and the patches will be smaller in the future than before

Rich Lambert announced all of this at the big unveiling event for “The Black Heart of Skyrim” (via YouTube from minute 51).

The performance is currently one of the biggest problems of The Elder Scrolls Online, which is one of the 5 most popular MMORPGs in Germany.

Rich Lambert (right) brought the good news.

Lead PvP designer, Brian Wheeler, has also announced that Update 25 will bring Combat Team improvements to The Elder Scrolls Online’s combat system, especially when it comes to blocking and procing items (via forums.elderscrolls) ,

What is new content? The Harrowstorm DLC will bring two dungeons:

  • Ice cape – the players get to the bottom of the mysterious grief storms that drift across the sea of ​​spirits. They encounter the cruel ice cap circle, which prepares an unholy ritual
  • Unholy tomb – in this dungeon, the heroes come across an ancient burial site beneath the dunes of Bangkorai, which has been unearthed by grave robbers.

Looks like ESO is getting ready for the big Greymoor expansion that is slated for May 18 for PC and June 2 for PS4 and Xbox One.

ESO is finally bringing a new feature – and it sounds like Indiana Jones


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