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The minimum cost of the PlayStation 5 console can be $ 470. This information was disclosed to Bloomberg by sources close to the production chain.

Insiders said that the cost of the new Sony console will be about $ 450. According to them, in order for the PlayStation 5 to be profitable, the device needs to be sold for at least $ 470, or almost 30 thousand rubles. The cost of the PlayStation 4 released in 2013 was $ 381, the console was sold for $ 399.

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00:04 August 3, 2019

Damian Thong, a Macquarie Capital analyst, said it would be difficult for Sony to explain to consumers the pricing of the new set-top box, as they rely on the cost of the console at the PlayStation 4 or 4 Pro level. Companies will have to focus on the cost of the Xbox Series X, so in theory, Sony could reduce the price of the PlayStation and sell the device at a loss. According to sources, the Japanese corporation expects Microsoft to announce the price of its new set-top box.

The agency noted that manufacturers of consoles often sell gadgets with minimal margins or go at a loss, providing a profit by selling games and subscribing to services. According to experts, the additional income Sony can provide sales of old games that will support the PlayStation 5.

Sources familiar with the production of the set-top box said that Sony is having problems acquiring DRAM and NAND memory. Unstable equipment supplies are explained by the fact that these memory formats are in high demand among smartphone manufacturers. The company has not yet decided how many PlayStation 5 units will be released before the end of 2020.

On December 13, Microsoft unveiled its next-generation console. The Xbox Series X, which will receive a processor based on AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA, GDDR6 video memory and support for 8K games, is due out in late 2020. Game reporters expect Microsoft to introduce two models – a flagship and more affordable console designed for cloud gaming.


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