Hardly any users? Google closes app maker


Google has announced that it will close its low-code app development environment App-Maker completely by next year. Users can choose alternatives from the Google portfolio.

Google launched App-Maker in 2016 as a development environment for everyday needs in companies, i.e. for users of the in-house G-Suite. They should build common applications with the app maker, such as forms, frontends for internal databases or tutorials. Google had pre-built modules and components that could be assembled into finished apps with very little additional code.

Google exits App Maker in three steps

Appsheet is Google's new offering for low-code app development. (Screenshot: t3n)

Appsheet is Google’s new offering for low-code app development. (Screenshot: t3n)

According to the manufacturer, the environment could not prevail, which is why the decision was made to phase out the product. As of now, Google has stopped developing App-Maker. Nothing changes for users. From the middle of April this year, no more apps can be created and on January 19, 2021 it will finally be over.

App-Sheet is the designated successor

Google gives the low use of the product as a reason. In fact, it should matter that the manufacturer bought an application with Appsheet a little over a week ago that exceeds the functionality of the app maker in automating business processes and works in a similar way. Appsheet was also able to convince well-known users who have created a total of around 1.7 million apps so far. Not surprisingly, Google App Maker recommends switching to Appsheet.

Google recommends that users who have developed apps with App-Maker, not just pure essays, switch to the app engine, while users who used App-Maker for data collection should switch to Google Forms.

In any case, a clean strategy is required when switching, because Google does not offer a migration path.

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