How to live further after the “death” of Windows 7? One way out is switching to OS Ubuntu


As you know, this week support for the Windows 7 operating system stopped. As a result, almost 400 million users faced a dilemma to continue working with the old OS, upgrade to the current version of Windows 10, or look for an alternative.

Microsoft is in favor of not limited to installing the update, but to buy a new PC. Some developers of Linux distributions decided to take advantage of the situation. In particular, Canonical encourages owners of Windows 7 devices to switch to Ubuntu OS.

Among the advantages of this migration is the absence of the need to purchase a new PC or upgrade the hardware, as well as the security of the Ubuntu OS. They also focused on the fact that in Ubuntu OS updates take place in the background, without causing inconvenience to users.

It is also important that most of the popular Windows applications are also available for Ubuntu OS. As a result, users will not need to leave the familiar comfort zone and the functionality of the devices will not be affected.

In the end, will users listen to the Canonical call, it will be possible to find out in the future when the statistics of the shares of desktop operating systems in the world market appear. It is unlikely that we will observe a massive migration of users to the Ubuntu OS, but there will certainly be those who go under the banner of this OS.

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Irina Kosheleva

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