Left 4 Dead 3: New rumors about sequel: That’s what Valve says now!


Valve has delivered a number of excellent shooter and action titles in the past, but has since withdrawn a lot when it comes to new developments in video games. In the meantime, the studio is increasingly returning there and, fittingly, rumors have been raised about a potential Left 4 Dead 3.

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Shooter fans have wanted a Half-Life 3 from Valve for years, co-op fans, on the other hand, a Left 4 Dead 3. Recently speculations about a continuation of the latter series of zombies have resumed on Fart, which now also makes Valve a statement has moved.

Towards my colleagues from IGN Valve has now commented on the topic and clears up with the current rumors about a Left 4 Dead 3. Fans of the franchise must therefore be strong because, according to Valve, things are as follows: “It is clear that some people enjoy spreading false information to scare away the community and other buyers. Unfortunately, there is a new Left 4 Dead but nothing we’re working on right now. “

After all, the studio admits that you have wasted at least one thought on another serial branch in the past. “We have briefly explored some new opportunities related to Left 4 Dead for a few years, but we are absolutely not working on anything related to Left 4 Dead and have not done so in recent years.”

The latest rumors related to a mysterious video that appeared online and suggested that a third part of the series could actually be in the works. However, the video turned out to be a fan project. The Valve New Network recently said that Left 4 Dead 3 had been under construction since 2012, but may have been put on hold in 2017.

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