Memes: The end of Windows 7 causes some very funny memes in social networks


Everything has an end, including technical support for operating systems, so this January 14 has come the day of the official end of Windows 7, although it does not mean that the operating system will disappear, but that Microsoft will already provide security, “software” update patches.

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All this thanks to the fact that people are always looking for to adapt to the new one, which in this case is Windows 10. This could cause, that the computers that still use Windows 7 suffer cyber attacks and that the company delimits them.

“While you could continue using your personal computer (PC) with Windows 7, without continuous software and security updates you will be at greater risk of viruses and malware. Your PC will continue to start and run, but you will no longer receive software updates – including security – from Microsoft, “Microsoft said on its official website.

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This fact has been considered bad news for many users, as thousands of them considered that Windwos 7 is one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has had, so they began to make many funny memes.

In some memes there are even some very famous people like Woody who says goodbye to this operating system with his classic “Thanks Cowboy”.

In other memes they even sing some of the most memorable songs that are used in sad moments, such as “kumbayá”, a traditional African-American song of the early twentieth century, which is associated with the closeness, the hug, the song of the song around the bonfire when the guitar plays.

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However, many put aside the memes, because they are worried about the possible viruses or attacks that their computers can receive, so many users are also warning and recommending their contacts to update their Windows to the most recent.



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