NASA will seek life on the twin planet to earth by helicopter


Mexico City /

Bears name Dragonfly and it will be the space helicopter that will be in charge of the mission in search of finding life on other planets. NASA presented the ship that will be sent to the moon Titan of Saturn andn seeks answers to several questions about life in space and beyond the earth.

“It is planned that Dragonfly launches in 2026 and arrive in 2034. The helicopter will fly to dozens of promising places on Titan in search of common prebiotic chemical processes on both Titan and Earth, ”NASA explained.

This helicopter will not have crew members, but it will have a mission similar to what is done on Mars where special plans are developed.

  • They will study how far prebiotic chemistry may have progressed
  • Investigate atmospheric and surface properties of the moon, underground deposits of ocean and liquid.
  • Explore organic dunes



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