Passenger plays PlayStation 4 on the screen of Portland Airport


Mexico City /

Bored by the long wait to take his flight, a young man decided to end his annoyance with a game of the video game “Apex Legends”, a battle royale from the Respawn Entertainment company, On one of the Portland Airport information screens!

According to witnesses, the man drew his PlayStation 4 console and connected it to a monitor which is used to show a map of the Airport to visitors, which forced the intervention of the local authorities, who asked him to disconnect the device.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the player asked to be allowed to finish his game of the addictive game, to which he received a negative response and had to pay attention to avoid further problems with the authority.

“That’s something we don’t want to happen, because travelers need the information we put on screens for them“Kama Simonds, spokesman for the airport, told the station KXL News.



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