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Silent_Jay returns to Bloomberg’s revelations about the manufacturing costs and production processes of the PlayStation 5, to try to determine the price that can be expected when it is released.

The PlayStation 5 would cost $ 450 to produce. When we know that the PlayStation 4 cost 381 dollars to produce was sold at 399 dollars when it was released, but conversely the PlayStation 3, sold at 599 dollars, was sold at a loss, we can wonder what strategy sale will adopt Sony. We have several elements to try to imagine the selling price of the PS5: first, the manufacturers make very low margins – even zero – on the consoles. The return on investment is made on games, peripherals, subscriptions and micro-transactions. We must also take into account taxes: VAT at 20% in France, protectionist laws of Donald Trump passing taxes on products made in China from 10 to 25% … And the fact that Sony and Microsoft will align with each other in terms of price. In addition to all this, we must take into account the very fluctuating prices of certain components such as flash memory, companies that are closing or are under production due to the coronavirus epidemic … Our journalists and columnists consider each element to imagine the launch price of the console Sony planned for the end of the year.

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