Saints & Sinners alluded to! Brutality meets physics

the-walking-dead-saints-and-sinners-release alluded

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners started today. The VR exclusive game could be the franchise’s first game medium that fans and critics are equally enthusiastic about. We alluded to it!

Template: There’s a lot of experimentation with The Walking Dead brand and even if some experiments don’t please fans and critics, it’s commendable. The Walking Dead is a welcome exception, especially in today’s media landscape, which prefers to stick to the familiar and reboots.

After there are already three different TWD games or series, today the fourth game, Saints and Sinners, is released, which this time is a pure VR experience. You take on the role of a survivor in New Orleans and have to perform many small tasks. But there is also an elaborated single player story. You also build your own weapons and can adapt them to your personal taste.

Realistic & brutal: Not only the biter stand in your way, but also, as usual, some human opponents. Scooping them out feels incredibly rewarding. This is because Saints & Sinners attaches great importance to realistic physics and has a correspondingly powerful physics engine under the hood.

But fighting the undead with knives, axes, baseball bats and much more just makes you happy! In connection with virtual reality, it feels very approachable. When I played it briefly, I suffered from disgust, I literally felt the pain of my opponents. Comparable to watching YouTube videos in which people seem to injure themselves seriously.

Your weapons get stuck and leave visible traces.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is available via Steam and the Oculus Shop. The versions for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest will appear a little later this spring. Depending on the version, the cost is € 33.99 or € 41.99.


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