Shroud explains why he might stop streaming in the future


After signing an agreement with Mixer, streamer Michael “shroud “Grzesiek is committed to continuing his career on the Microsoft streaming platform, but that does not mean that streaming will remain his main activity.

In October 2019, shroud chose to leave Twitch in favor of Mixer, following in the footsteps of Ninja, who left in August.

This decision had an impact on his audience, shroud himself admitting having lost part of his audience in the process.

He even said that he thought some of his fans probably believed he had quit his career, and are still waiting for his return to Twitch.

shroud, twitter
shroud, twitter

Which may not be far from reality, since shroud revealed he has plans beyond streaming for this new year.

When a fan asked him if he saw himself doing anything other than streaming, he replied “Yes and no“, before continuing by explaining:”I can see myself continuing the streaming, as if it was no longer my main activity, it would probably be a secondary activity.

“So yes, I can see a future me who wouldn’t stream, absolutely. I have a few ideas in mind, but it will be quite difficult to put them in place. So we will see what will happen this year.

The shroud channel on Mixer continues to grow, but it will still take some time before it matches its old Twitch channel.

But, the real advantage of being on Mixer may be the ability to stream less without it too much impact on your income.

Multiple options are available to shroud to develop its activity beyond the world of streaming, as other streamers such as Ninja have been able to do before him.