Suffer from flying shame? What you eat on holiday causes more CO2 emissions than the flight itself –


You may be concerned about the amount of CO2 emissions caused by the flight to your holiday address. You may even consider taking the train from now on, but then you do not take into account the ecological footprint that you leave behind because of what you eat when you travel.

A new study by scientists from the Swedish University of Lund and the University of Queensland in Australia shows that those who book an all-inclusive vacation emit more CO2 from the food served than from the flight.

People who booked an all-inclusive vacation to the west coast of France produced 110 kg of CO2 emissions from the food served there. 102 kg of CO2 were released during the flight itself, the researchers said. For example, if you go to Croatia and arrange meals yourself, you only produce 28 kilos of CO2, while the flight leads to 243 kilos of CO2 emissions.

The researchers do have an explanation for the big difference. “The fact that all-in resorts have a larger ecological footprint is mainly due to the fact that so much food is wasted.” Your food choice also contributes greatly to the CO2 emissions that you produce and sometimes even has a greater impact on the environment than your flight itself. To achieve the environmental objectives, we therefore not only have to fly less but also change our eating habits while traveling. ”



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