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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is currently considered the best smartwatch for Android users. An update currently rolling out in Germany makes the watch a little bit more attractive. WhatsApp users in particular have reason to be happy.

Because after the update to firmware version “R820XXU1BTA1” you can look at pictures from WhatsApp messages directly on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This is currently not possible with any other Samsung smartwatch. And so far, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was only able to display the text of a WhatsApp message. If this also contained a picture, a camera icon pointed this out to you. Before the update, you could only watch it on your smartphone.

Galaxy Watch Active 2: Images from other apps available?

WhatsApp is so far the only (chat) app whose images can now be accessed via the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Support may also come for other applications soon. Candidates for this are Facebook (Messenger), Instagram and Twitter. It is also conceivable that other Samsung smartwatches will receive the new WhatsApp feature via update in the future. For example the Galaxy Watch and the first Watch Active model.

The latter has also received the digital bezel afterwards, which already characterizes the Galaxy Watch Active 2 ex works. The provision of the new WhatsApp function should be less expensive in comparison.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 even better

Another update released in early 2020 will make the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 even better. It should finally introduce the long-awaited ECG function and fall detection. However, it is unclear whether this will happen in Germany so soon. The activation of the ECG feature requires certification from the responsible authority.

And this can sometimes take a while, as Samsung’s big competitor also found: The ECG of the Apple Watch started much later in Germany than in the United States. Maybe Samsung is also lucky and will roll out the EKG feature of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in Germany in early 2020. One thing is certain: sooner or later – Samsung will once again significantly upgrade its best smartwatch. Anyone who is flirting with the purchase can strike with a clear conscience.


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