(VIDEO) Star Betelgeuse would explode and illuminate the Earth for days


TAfter several scientific researches at the University of Villanov, in Philadelphia, United States, they discovered that one of the most famous stars in our solar system, Betelgeuse, could explode at any time, a phenomenon known as Supernova.

This star is part of the famous constellation of Orion, one of the best known and identified when the firmament is observed anywhere on the planet and although at one time it became the ninth brightest star in the sky, it currently occupies the place 23 of this ranking.

The study named “The fainting of Betelgeuse, the nearby red supergiant,” was published on December 8, the principal author being scientist Ed Guinan.

The author of the study pointed out that since the month of October the brightness of this star has diminished, an extremely strange phenomenon because in the last half century, the star had never dimmed so aggressively, and that could mean that we are on the verge of witnessing something extraordinary

Despite this situation, Ed Guinan estimates that it is likely that the star will continue to go out for a couple more weeks and start to light gradually, however, if its brightness continues to dim, it will be set and it will go out.

Earth Effects
From the scientific field it is considered that the star will explode within the next million years or maybe Betelgeuse has already exploded and we have not seen it yet.

Because the light of the star takes 600 years to reach us, the stars we see today are the ones that existed at that time ago, so if we can see their detonation in the short term, that means that their explosion was recorded in the Age Half.

If we witness this phenomenon, we will witness an unequaled spectacle of lights in the sky that could take up to a year to fade, generating red and blue lights in the heavens.


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