WhatsApp finally has a new feature – but not for everyone

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The WhatsApp Dark Mode is eagerly awaited by many users. If you have the Android beta version, you can activate it.

  • The WhatsApp Dark Mode is asked
  • Android beta gives a view of the mode
  • New start screen is coming

Update from Thursday, January 23rd, 2020, 3 p.m .: The AndroidVersion of Whatsapp has a beta– Get an update. In the Version number 2.20.13 Dark Mode is now available. As “WABetainfo” reports, you can activate the dark mode under “Chats”. That’s how it’s done:

  • WhatsApp users have two options to access the Dark mode to activate
  • Under System Settings / System Default you select Dark / Dark Theme as the color scheme
  • The darkened mode, the dark mode, Comes in “night blue” colors
  • Set by Battery Saver: The smartphone’s energy mode settings decide when dark mode is activated

When exactly WhatsApp publishes dark mode for all users is still unclear. In any case, the mode already causes enthusiasm among some users.

Twitter user Marco S., like Bolle, is happy about the new mode.

First report from Thursday, January 9th, 2020, 9:22 am: Competitor apps Google already have the mode. Now he should soon for WhatsApp users come. We are talking about Dark mode. Already in beta versions of WhatsApp, there were first indications of dark mode. In the Android beta version of the messenger (2.19.366), allusions to the darkened mode can be found again, according to WABetaInfo. This enables smartphone users to save electricity and reduce consumption, among other things. The mode is also easy on the eyes. The blog had previously shown a view of a potential dark mode on Twitter.

WhatsApp Dark Mode not yet in the current version

However, the Dark Mode is not yet integrated in the current WhatsApp version. This could not prevent some beta users from accessing dark mode under the “Themes” menu item. The “Themes” point can therefore be found in the “Chats” settings of WhatsApp. Here, curious users will find the new menu tab “Display”. As soon as the Dark Mode is integrated in the new WhatsApp version, the mode should appear here. There will also be a new “wallpaper function”. This function allows users to choose between three types of display.

  • System Default: WhatsApp checks whether the user (Android 9 required) is using Dark Mode
  • Light Theme: The well-known WhatsApp color scheme
  • Darkened mode: Should protect the eyes with midnight blue colors

WhatsApp Dark Mode: Messenger gets a new start screen

What else can WhatsApp users expect from dark mode? According to information from WABetaInfo, the messenger should get a new start screen. This comes in a dark design, provided the cell phone is switched to night mode. In addition, the written form of the WhatsApp logo now adapts to the spelling of the parent company Facebook. However, it is still unclear when the dark mode will actually be integrated into WhatsApp, because the company has not yet announced a release date. Messenger users still have to be patient.

Of Moritz Serif

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