When is the crossover between Birds of Prey and Fortnite scheduled?



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Epic Games / WB Pictures

Epic Games has already started to teaser the next crossover: Birds of Prey. Players should be able to get their hands on a skinHarley Quinn! But when ? Here’s what we know so far.

One of the aspects that has helped to make Fortnite among the most popular games is the ability of Epic Games to set up in-game events that include elements of pop culture.

So far players have been treated to crossovers like Marvel’s Avengers, Stranger Things or more recently with Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker.

Epic has already done a crossover with marvel
Epic Games

And it is not there to stop! A new crossover is already in preparation with Birds of Prey, the film about Harley Quinn!

When will the Fortnite x Birds of Prey event take place?

The release of Birds of Prey is scheduled for February 5, 2020. We can therefore naturally expect the arrival of the crossover for the release of the film, which would justify the extension of the season.

The Star Wars crossover started 6 days before the film was released and continued for some time after. Likewise, for the one concerning the Avengers which had started 1 day before its arrival in theaters.

This is not the first time that Epic has done a crossover with DC Comics, it was to celebrate Batman Day in September.

What other skins could there be?

Since the official Fortnite account reacted to the Warner Bros. tweet by stating “See you soon Harley“, it seems very likely that a Harley Quinn skin is planned.

It remains to be seen if other characters from the film will land on Fortnite.

The launch of Chapter 2 has been confirmed for February 20, which means players should be able to enjoy Fortnite x Birds of Prey for some time.

It only remains to wait for the kick-off!