Techsauce joins leading companies to make Thailand a Digital Gateway with 50 countries to create business deals at the Techsauce Global Summit

Techsauce a leading technology platform Reinforce the organization’s image as a Tech Ecosystem Builder In Thailand, the vision was announced at the event. “Beyond Techsauce Global Summit 2023” with pushing Thailand towards being “Digital Portal” Digital business center and the first gateway to Southeast Asia and the publication of the first phase of action plans that combine cooperation with leading corporate partners in Thailand. Joining forces to continue to build confidence among businesses and technology agencies from around the world. with the aim of promoting a sustainable digital economy in Thailand Including opening the door of opportunities for Thai SMEs and start-ups to create business growth on the world stage. Ready to set the role of the leading event in technology “Techsauce Global Summit 2023” It is key to connecting all the relevant sectors domestically and internationally. The grand opening event will be held on August 16-17 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

Oranuch Lerdsuwankit Mr. CEO and co-founder of Techsauce Media Co, Ltd said, “Techsauce Global Summit 2023 is an important new milestone for allies and Techsauce with a commitment to drive Technology Ecosystem of Thailand to grow more every year and as a leading technology platform vision of Techsauce Within the next 3-5 years is pushing Thailand to be “Digital Portal” from Southeast Asia It starts from merging with leading organizations that share the same ideas as us from Thailand and abroad to drive Digital Economy to grow sustainably in different dimensions according to the expertise and context of various partners

to make Thailand a Digital Portal in South East Asia The important part is to stimulate investment to attract money from abroad to circulate in the Thai economy. (inside) by another role Techsauce The intention is to cooperate with different sectors, the public and private sectors. while pushing for the export of Thai innovations to the global market Including joining partners in other countries direction in South East Asia Making the region a hub for new innovations that will grow and be able to expand beyond the region too. (out) We look at Scandinavia as our first target market.”

in the last year Techsauce start the project Thailand Accelerator to develop entrepreneurs Technology Startup And it is considered a point of contact between entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world who want to expand their business and production base in Southeast Asia. This is part of the action plan that will drive towards the vision of pushing Thailand into being “Digital Portal”

Techsauce An early partnership was announced with partner companies such as SCG – Siam Cement Public Company Limited,Beryl 8 Plus Public Company Limiteda Accenture Thailand With expertise and ready to support in different dimensions, this is an important first step in driving Thailand towards becoming the Digital Gateway of Southeast Asia.

Mr. said Apirat Wancha-em, Chief Digital Officer, SCG “The collaboration between Techsauce and SCG starts with a vision of the future of technology and digital businesses in a consistent direction. by SCG has always focused on supporting and driving the growth and business expansion of Thai SMEs and start-ups This can be seen from various pilot projects such as Product Smart Home Solutions and Smart Living Solutions, as well as the “Born in Thailand” campaign , which is part of SCG’s WEDO team work, which reflects the importance of Thai “born” innovation, and has the potential to be exported SCG will start a pilot project with Techsauce soon.”

Mr. Apisek Tavindraphakti, Chief Executive Officer of Beryl 8 Plus Public Company Limited said “As an organization that is a consultant and expert in technology We are committed to developing solutions. for entrepreneurs continuously We are confident that Digital Transformation This is the key to create growth for entrepreneurs in Thailand. We support Techsauce’s vision of driving Thailand as Southeast Asia’s Digital Gateway. and ready to be partners in driving together to create sustainability for the digital economy in Thailand”

Patama Chantaruk, Managing Director, Accenture Thailand said: “In an age where the digital economy is expanding, Business Transformation And the development of technological capabilities will be key to help transform businesses to be ready for change. Productive AI at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023 is a must-see event see it for businesses, entrepreneurs and attendees. to come and exchange knowledge for application and sustainable access to the new digital world.”

“Driving Thailand towards becoming Digital Portal from Southeast Asia Techsauce We believe that we need to promote cooperation from all sectors, in the public and private sectors in development. Digital Economy Thailand to be able to grow sustainably with Techsauce Global Summit 2023 It is an open space that encourages all sectors to showcase their potential and create new innovations, including Techsauce Media That will help to communicate and create awareness in a comprehensive way” Khun Oranuch ended

Prepare to meet a new role “Techsauce Global Summit 2023” Asia’s largest technology conference that connects investment opportunities and drives business cooperation for public and private sector organizations, international companies. SME entrepreneurs and Thai start-ups at all levels It will be held under the theme ‘Social Impact, Climate Technology, Technology at the Front of the War’ Highlighting a variety of interesting topics, together with an army of speakers from leading organizations such as SCG – The Siam Cement Public Company Limited, Beryl 8 Plus Public Company Limited, Accen Sher Thailand, Axon Company Limited, Beacon Venture Capital Company Limited, Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, True Digital Park Company Limited, Krungsri Finnovate Company Limited, and Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., including many leading organizations in Thailand and around the world.

Techsauce Global Summit 2023 It will be held on 16 – 17 August 2023 at Chum Sirikit National Conference Center Follow more details at


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