Teen's mother, a trademark charge in the Fair State Florida incident

TAMPA – The 14-year-old mother of a 14-year-old girl on Facebook Monday prevented the deputy Sheriff Hillsborough to fight the daughter and attack her daughter at Fair State Florida last weekend.

The Hillsborough Sheriff Office responded on Tuesday night, saying that the event that happened on Friday evening was Student's Day.

The agency also said that the teen was spent from Florida State Fairgrounds at 4800 U.S. 301 and who did not suffer a facial injured victim while retaining the 14-year-old girl.

From 2014: Dads of teenagers were killed after spending them from state authorities

The teenager's mother, Rhonda Howard Lewis, videoed the alleged incident and photos of her daughter's face with Facebook and pleaded with her help to find out what to do in the future.

"My daughter was running the police and she caught her and they knocked him on the ground and they went on and broke a gate opposite him and they hit her that my daughter was only 14 years old. ; age! " She wrote in the post. "Do we have any suggestions now!

The mother said that her daughter was running away because some boys wanted to fight her daughter – the daughter heard that one had a gun. The mother did not know her daughter in the Facebook post or she asked an opinion from Tampa Bay Times.

The Sheriff Office accounted for this account: He said that the deputy candidate, whose name was not publicized, did not overcome the girl from the Florida State Fairgrounds after being a legal enforcement officer.

The Sheriff's Office said he was aware of the videos on Monday, and then the mother filed an official complaint against the deputy. An internal investigation was launched, the agency said. The agency has not issued any other information.

The 30-second mobile phone video is the video-recorded video repository provided. The video shows blurry, eleven girl admitted to the ground. Other teenagers destroy nearby and they are surprise.

Since 2016: Two years after Mass Joseph III, 14, died outside Fair State Florida, his parents' fight is beginning

The issue of Student Day, Teens and Security was raised by Fair State Florida in 2014 when Andrew Joseph III was 14 years old in one of almost 100 students received from the evening grounds of the Day of Student.

Deputies dropped out of about two miles away, and was killed while trying to cross Idirstate 4 to go back to the fairground to attend his ride. His parents keep his mistake and, in 2016, she addressed the Sheriff Office, informing the agency to be responsible for the death of her son.

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