‘Teerasil’ fit body is ready to hunt for ‘BG Pathum’

‘Teerasil’ fit body is ready to hunt for ‘BG Pathum’

After “Mui” Teerasil Daengda, the Thai national team striker I returned from Japan. Prepare to join BG Pathum United football club and quarantine for 14 days in accordance with the standards for the prevention of COVID-19. Then undergo a physical examination Recently at BASEM Center, Bangkok Hospital with Dr. Phakaphon Isornkrai Silan, orthopedic surgeon, laparoscopic, knee and shoulder Sports Medicine Doctor Institute of Sports Medicine and Exercise (BASEM), Bangkok Hospital, which is the FIFA MEDICAL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, the only FIFA Center for Medical Excellence in Thailand. To check readiness before entering the field

Dr. Phakaphon commented that “Mui is a world-class professional athlete. Which takes excellent care of the physical condition In the midst of COVID-19 conditions Free from injury And ready to call for fitness to win the Thai league championship To create an impression in the football club championship in Asia


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