TEGH’s first trading day is overbooked Fully Qualified Sustainable Stock – Growth Stock – Dividend Stock

TEGH listed on the SET for the first day opened the market above the reserve reflecting the confidence of investors Side MD, Sininuch Koknutaporn, has continued to expand the production capacity of all businesses. The banner of the year 2026 revenue reaches 22 billion baht, ready to step into a Carbon Neutral organization while a golden financial advisor from Kasikorn Securities and Trinity Securities are confident that TEGH will be a Sustainable Stock, Growth Stock and Dividend Stock, by generate good returns in the long term. Highlight the strengths of the premium tire brand customers and high margin renewable energy and organic waste management business and implement sustainability strategies to make future potential grow from strength to strength

Thai Eastern Group Holdings Public Company Limited (“the Company”) or TEGH is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the agricultural and food industries. Agricultural business category on September 30, 2022 was the first day, which received great attention from investors and general institutions. It opened for trading at 4.98 baht, an increase of 0.18 baht or 3.75% compared to the IPO price of 4.80 baht/share.

Mr. Chalerm Koknutaporn, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Eastern Group Holdings Public Company Limited revealed that TEGH’s share price has increased and has a very active trading value. reflects investor confidence in the Company’s fundamentals. crude palm oil and renewable energy and organic waste management Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and there is still great opportunity for growth. According to the trend, the natural rubber and palm oil industry remains bright. And in the future, electric vehicles (EVs) will be considered the New S-Curve of the automotive industry. This will increase demand for the Company’s group premium quality natural rubber products, including the Company’s renewable energy business and organic waste management. which is a business with good profit It has attracted a lot of attention from investors.

In addition, the company is also a low carbon emission organization in accordance with Eco Factory and Green Industry standards and natural rubber products of the group of companies. It is also certified by Carbon Footprint as a Low Carbon Product, and is an environmentally friendly product. It is a factor that reinforces sustainable and real growth.

Ms Sineenuch Kokanutaporn, Managing Director of the Company, said that we would like to thank the shareholders and investors for the warm welcome to the Company. Willing to continue expanding the business to increase competitiveness. This year, the company’s block rubber production capacity has been expanded to about 328,000 tons, which has already been in commercial operation (COD) and will expand to 416,000 tons next year to become a top 5 block rubber producer the country for the crude palm oil business. it will improve production efficiency This will enable us to expand production capacity by 42% and renewable energy business and organic waste management. The company plans to increase biogas production capacity from 23 million cubic meters in 2022 to 67 million cubic meters in 2025 or accounting for an increase of 191% and more solid organic waste (SOW) digester production capacity to include the waste from block rubber production.

In this year, the company is planning a COD project to expand biogas production, phase 1, within the fourth quarter of 2022. Previously, the company used biogas to replace LPG in the rubber business up to 89% and using biogas as fuel for renewable energy production replaces 51% of electricity from outside, thereby reducing energy costs more efficiently.

Mr. Pongsak Phruekpaisan, Managing Director of Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited as financial advisor and underwriter and common stock underwriter, said that TEGH’s first trading day was well received. Because investors are confident in the company’s fundamentals which are strong The proceeds from the IPO this time It is used to expand production capacity and increase production efficiency. Support for many customer orders More earning and profit potential Support the business to grow strongly and sustainably in the future. In addition, the money from this fundraising will be used to repay loans from organizations financial and use it as working capital.

Mr. Dittadanai Sangkharom, Assistant Managing Director of Trinity Securities Company Limited as a financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter of the sale of newly issued ordinary shares, believes that TEGH will be a stock that will generate good returns for investors in the future. due to high growth prospects Qualifies as Sustainable Stock, Growth Stock and Dividend Stock and implements a sustainability strategy. with cost-effective use of resources Reduce emissions to zero Reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. as well as being able to generate sustainable returns that can support future growth in the long term

The company’s aim is to maintain the leadership in the field of Sustainable Material production in accordance with the policy of the customer group and expand the production capacity of block rubber to approximately 420,000 tons to become the top 5 block rubber producers in the country 22,000 million baht by 2026 and it’ n organization that focuses on using renewable energy instead of using fossil fuels in all processes. Making the products of the group of companies to be an Eco Product and to be a Carbon Neutral Organization

Source: Eastern Thai Group Holdings

Symbol: GO

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