Tell me why I chose OnePlus Ace Pro instead of domeet iPhone 14 and Huawei Mate50

Original title: Tell me why I chose OnePlus Ace Pro over iPhone 14 and Huawei Mate50

As an office worker who has just come out of society, my demand for mobile phones is not only for daily work, but also for playing games in my spare time. So, although the iPhone 14 series has a better A16 chip , and Huawei Mate50 also uses Snapdragon 8+, But after all, it is not suitable for playing games I see that my friend’s iPhone 14 Pro is not very stable when playing Genshin Effect, and the heat is a little serious , while the OnePlus Ace Pro’s 16GB large memory, a large area of ​​heat dissipation, etc., make playing games much smoother.

There is also the screen that everyone is worried about. Although the OnePlus Ace Pro is not 2K, the touch rate is 720Hz, which is much stronger than Apple’s rate.

The IMX766 for taking photos is also the most complained, but at the same price, this level is also good, after all, it only starts at 3499 for 12 + 256GB, and only 3799 on for 16GB, which is quite conscientious!

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