Tell them all. “Peak Phatthasaya” satirizes the mystery of love for 7 years. Still no wedding plans “Tod Sina”

Up on the podium, a new girl singer. “Upper Patrasaya” Today, let’s tell a love story with young Tod Sina whoThey have been together for 7 years now. Are you afraid of the magic number 7? They love each other so much but haven’t thought about getting married yet, why? There is also an affair. In this event, he will tell you all the issues in the talk show SHOW, broadcast on Channel 31, with PK Piyawat, Ning Panita and Benz Pornchita as MCs.

Lucky in the game Lucky in love?

Peak: He’s as cute as ever. I’m not sure how many years. But it’s been a long time, I love you so much.

Are you afraid of the 7 year love period?

Peak : Don’t be afraid, I didn’t think about the mysteries. Think about making them happy every day. This is probably where we walked together.

Not as sweet as before?

Highlight: When it’s sweet, it might be less. I don’t have much time to meet. Hanu is an actor and a singer, so the time is less, he is cute, he is very much like peak support. He knows we really want to be singers. He encouraged When he has free time, he waits to meet, eat, and relax. If I work late, he waits to send me to bed anyway. I mean, how long is the longest he waits to talk on the phone?

Highlight: In the past, we may see each other often. But this time, we meet once a week. I don’t have time at the moment, I want to make music to the fullest.

Do you understand?

Peak: I understand He’s cute when he complains or makes Peak worry about him. But if you ask me if I miss you When will peak be free, but not sleepy? Everything is still the same. If there is time, we will fill it for you, but the line is always on face time. He will tell you that Peak will order food for you. Even if Peak is working, Peak will take care of him for food.

You’ve been together for a long time but you’re not ready to get married?

Climax: It seems we know the time. Let’s look to the future together. But now I have a chance to make music. I also felt that it was not easy for me to make music. I want to complete it first. to be able to go to the next step

Have you talked about marriage yet?

Highlight : We had some conversations before our friends got together then. He told me to wait a while. Just like everyone wants to create their own body. We said no rush Peak wants to have a lot of time for mum at home. If we get married and have a family Our personal time will be less. So I feel I’m not in a hurry.

How old do you think you are to get married?

Highlight: Not that long. but for a while

If you get married, will you leave the entertainment industry and become a housewife?

Highlight: Maybe not leaving. If you can still make music, you can make it. But if you have babies, you want to take care of them. want to feed myself I want to take good care of my husband The main focus is family.

Do you love each other very often?

Highlight: At the time, we weren’t together yet, we didn’t post that many details. I didn’t know it was this good. The lifestyles are not much the same. I feel that he is like this and that he does not want to change his identity. But we didn’t listen to him that he wanted to change himself, our friend. I don’t want to change his lifestyle. So he decided no better. I went my way, he went his way.

Block everything?

Highlight: At that moment, I felt like I had made a decision. Make a decision and move on. You must be strong If he is reluctant, he is weak. It’s like a big play, so I block.

In the end, how did you become reluctant?

Peak: He’s very cute. Thank you very much I block in line, but some days the unblocking will continue to block. After almost a month, it hasn’t stopped. He sent a message on IG. I don’t know if I will be able to read his message or not. Let me tell you right now that I miss you until I can’t stand it anymore. I was still stubborn at the time, so we told him to drink lots of water. We miss him, but we care about him. We don’t yet know how to avoid it. After that, we talked Chatting in IG still has a form. We talked for almost a week. I said let’s revise it a bit.

Where did you first meet?

Highlight: It was also during the covid period. See you in your personal shop. Peak drove to pick him up. He was sharper than before, shaving his beard, it was a feeling of knowing we were back together. If he didn’t come to reconciliation then, Peak would surely regret it.

What do you talk about on the first date?

Highlight: We haven’t behaved a bit wrong, have we? Haven’t seen each other for 2-3 months. Phil is a bit careless, still not used to it. Let’s talk about how What did you do in the past? cleared

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