Ten creators of cultural content leave well equipped for Lomé – THE FIRST PRIVATE PRESS AGENCY IN TOGO

Participants at the end of the training

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Started last Monday, the initiation workshop on the collection, processing and dissemination of cultural and artistic information for ten creators of cultural content from various artistic fields ended on Saturday at French Institute of Lomé, noted a journalist from the Savoir News agency.

This activity, which is part of the West African Culture on Move (WACOM) project, was initiated and implemented by the North-West Cultures Association (NO’Ocultures), supported by the AWA Program. It is organized in three countries including Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso.

The North-West Cultures Association wants, through this workshop, to create and run a network of cultural information platforms in West Africa.

Prize giving to a participant

For six days, the participants discussed the techniques of collecting information with Joël Tokponou (trainer and cultural journalist) and after the aspect of processing and dissemination of cultural and artistic information with the trainer James Houenou (Digital solution consultant and Director of Push Studio).

“It was not training, something academic, it was rather a sharing of experience between predecessors and new talents coming to the market. We created avenues, tried to generate engagement, interest, make people want to see further than the ecosystem already offered so that our actions could go beyond the border. WACOM, this is only a first step, the vision is quite long, the expansion is quite vast and we hope that these pioneers who participated in this first session will be the ambassadors of everything that has been acquired so that tomorrow , they are the ones who take over on the various future WACOM projects,” explained the Consultant.

Delivery of certificate to a participant

For his part, Mr. Tokponou invited the participants to be more eager to showcase their skills on all levels.

This workshop allowed these cultural content actors to have more concepts that will help them perfect their next productions.

“I am amazed to have participated in this training. The trainers combined theory and practice to allow us to quickly integrate into the field. For my part, I plan to implement these tips for the rest of my professional career as a cultural journalist,” confided Manuela Ayélé Tessi (Events Presenter and freelance journalist).

Participants received a good dose of basic knowledge on the use of Canva (free graphics tool for creating visual compositions and short videos) and Capcut (A video editor for video editing for smartphones and tablets) and did some practical exercises .

“This training was superb and very interesting beyond my expectations. Coaches who taught us theoretical and at the same time practical concepts about writing articles and editing videos. Knowing how to dance and play percussion is good, but knowing how to transcribe it on paper and on video is the best and an art in its entirety,” confided Elvis Anani (Percussionist and dancer artist).

The participants

The presentation of certificates of merit closed this training on a note of satisfaction. The NO’Ocultures Association has made smartphones available to local partners for further behind-the-scenes work.

Remember that the first session of this workshop took place in Ghana and Togo. It will be Burkina Faso’s turn to host this training session from October 24 to 28. FIN

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