TEN People Park Yoo-hwan’s Retirement Overturning Brother Park Yoo-chun’s Fan Sales

Photo = Park Yoo-hwan’s Instagram

BJ Park Yoo-hwan, who worked as an actor, is carrying out My Way steps similar to his older brother Park Yoo-chun, who ‘turned over his retirement’.

On the 27th, Park Yoo-hwan shared his bright current status on his Instagram and resumed his SNS activities. This is the 24th day after it was announced that he was booked without detention on November 3rd for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

According to the police, Park Yoo-hwan is accused of smoking marijuana once with his party at a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, in December last year. At that time, it was reported that Park Yoo-hwan visited Thailand to make a special appearance at his older brother Park Yoo-chun’s concert in Thailand and committed the crime with Koreans.

After reports of the arrest without detention poured in, Park Yoo-hwan wrote to the personal broadcasting community, “Hello, everyone. I don’t think I’ll be able to broadcast this week. Don’t worry too much.” It was a very dignified attitude. In addition, Park Yoo-hwan was later criticized for being shameless when it was revealed that he was broadcasting on the Internet while the police investigation was in progress.

The first time is difficult, the second time is easy. Park Yoo-hwan did not only engage in social media activities, but continued personal broadcasting. Even after posting photos on social media, he communicated with fans through broadcasting. Park Yoo-hwan was still receiving support and support from fans. If you do not broadcast personally, you will not receive sponsorship, so it can be assumed that the broadcast continued.

Park Yoochun / Photo = Ten Asia DB
Park Yoochun / Photo = Ten Asia DB

Park Yoo-hwan’s My Way behavior seems to have been learned by watching his older brother. It was because the behavior of the older brother and younger brother was similar as much as the appearance. The two were proud rather than reflecting on their actions. Instead of carrying the weight of his own words, he is walking his own path for the few remaining fans.

After the drug allegations surfaced in 2019, Park Yoochun held a press conference. He mentioned ‘retirement from the entertainment industry’ and claimed his innocence with tears. However, as a result of the National Forensic Research Institute test, Park Yoochun’s leg hair was tested positive for drugs. In the end, Park Yoochun was sentenced to 10 months in prison and 2 years of probation in the first trial and released.

Park Yoochun, who seems to cover his ears and see only his eyes. He reversed his ‘retirement’ and resumed his activities by holding a paid fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then, he has been passionate about fan business, such as opening an official website, recruiting paid fan clubs, and publishing photo books. In particular, two days after the news of his brother’s arrest, he released a new album for the first time in a year.

Park Yoo-hwan has been cheering for his older brother Park Yoo-chun, who overturned his retirement. On the day Park Yoochun was released from the detention center on probation, he shared the current situation and actively promoted communication with fans by inviting him to a personal broadcast. They are brothers who close their mouths and ears to cold public opinion, and wear farts for the sake of the small number of fans who support them. The two will be wrapped in a strong brotherhood, but the public will remember them as shameless brothers.

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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