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TEN Review Archery team, all butlers, sortie… Ansan, don’t be afraid, just shoot

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‘All The Butlers’ archery team sortie
Popularity after the Olympics
Mention of the national team bounty plan

Photo = Screen capture of SBS ‘All The Butlers’

The national archery team revealed the behind-the-scenes of the Olympics.

In the SBS ‘All The Butlers’ broadcast on the 22nd, Oh Jin-hyeok, Kim Woo-jin, Kim Je-deok, Ansan, Kang Chae-young, and Jang Min-hee appeared in the national archery team who were active in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The players of the national team appeared with a spectacular archery performance. Ansan showed a cool appearance to Jang Min-hee, who was nervous about meeting the members of ‘All The Butlers’, saying, “Don’t be afraid, just shoot.” On this day, they drew their bows towards the ‘Park’, not the target. When the gourd burst, pollen fluttered along with the phrase, ‘Hey, it’s the perfect weather for archery’, creating a spectacular sight.

Yang Se-hyeong, who saw this, said, “It wasn’t a target, but a strange place and said, ‘What are the players shooting over there?’ I thought there was a reason,” he laughed.

All archery players and members moved to the studio. When Lee Seung-gi asked, “Are you feeling the pressure of winning a medal in archery unconditionally?” Ansan replied, “Yes.” Then Lee Seung-gi trembled, saying, “I felt pressure, but I picked three of them by myself.”

Also, to the question, “Do you know a lot after the Olympics?” Ansan answered, “That’s right. Because they recognize me a lot, I tend to rush out because I am afraid of harming others.” Yang Se-hyeong said, “Why do you enjoy it like Seunggi?” and made everyone laugh.

Ansan revealed that the number of followers increased by 500,000 after Olympiad. “I didn’t apply, but I got a blue ticket,” he explained. A ‘blue ticket’ is a mark attached to an influencer on SNS, and a bankruptcy V mark appears next to the ID. Among the members, opinions were divided on “You have to apply yourself vs. you will get it on your own”, and Kim Je-duk’s eyes fluttered when he heard this. Ansan, who sensed this, asked, “Did you apply?” and Kim Je-duk blushed in embarrassment.

Kim Je-deok said, “I applied from Japan. I said, ‘I can’t do it’, but San E noona already said ‘bread’ and came out,” making everyone laugh.

He continued, “During the Olympics, I tried not to look at the comments. I didn’t know, but my friends told me, so I found out.” Then Kang Chae-young said, “On the day I commented, she called me from dawn and said, ‘Noona, wake up quickly. I can’t feel this alone,’” he revealed. Oh Jin-hyuk added, “Somehow, Kim Je-duk had a pleasant day in Japan,” and laughed.

The prize money given to the players of the archery team who caused a golden wave was also mentioned. Ansan said, “I haven’t come in yet. At first, I was going to change my father’s car, but he said he would give me a car. I don’t have any big plans yet.” Kim Woo-jin said, “I got the ring because I was getting married, and I had a wedding photo shoot yesterday.” He said, “I proposed to him by buying a car and flowers.”

By Seo Ye-jin, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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