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TEN Review Lee Ji-hoon ♥ My Japanese wife, who is 10 years younger than me, reported her marriage for fear of running away… Newlyweds in the palace open to the public Dongsang Imong 2 Comprehensive

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‘Same Bed, Dream’ Lee Ji-hoon ♥ Ayane couple join
The luxury newlyweds from the 1st to the 5th floor are unveiled
‘Kongnyangkongnyang’ newlywed atmosphere

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Singer Lee Ji-hoon revealed his Japanese wife, who is 14 years younger than him.

On the 12th, SBS ‘Songsang Imong Season 2 – You are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dongsang Imong 2’), Lee Ji-hoon and Yayane joined the team.

On this day, Lee Ji-hoon’s wife, Ayane, was revealed for the first time and attracted attention. Lee Ji-hoon said, “My wife was born in 1993 and is 29 years old. My name is Ayane Miura. I wanted to get married in my 20s, so I registered my marriage first.”

Lee Ji-hoon’s newlywed house was luxurious. Kim Sook, who saw the spacious house with a two-story structure, exclaimed, “Lee Ji-hoon succeeded!” Gura Kim was surprised, saying, “It’s like a house from ‘Save Holmes’.” His house had a hobby room, a terrace, and even a rooftop.

Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane were living a sweet newlywed life. Ayane approached Lee Ji-hoon, who was sleeping, and said, “When are you going to wake up?”, and Lee Ji-hoon pulled his wife to the bed and kissed him. Ayane said, “The age difference doesn’t matter. I guess I just get tired of it because I’m old.”

Today’s breakfast menu is kimchi stew. Ayane showed off her high-level food skills. Lee Ji-hoon also said about Ayane’s cooking skills, “I’m good at it. I’ve been living in Korea for a long time.” Ayane brought Kimchi Stew, Bulgogi, and salad for breakfast.

However, the rice was not visible until the table was all set. Lee Ji-hoon called somewhere and said, “Give me some food,” and then headed for the elevator. There were two balls of rice in the elevator (?). It turns out that Lee Ji-hoon’s house is a five-story private villa, with his parents on the first floor and his parents on the second floor. Eun-hyung’s family lived on the 3rd floor, his sister’s on the 3rd floor, and Lee Ji-hoon’s family on the 4th floor, and a total of 18 family members and two dogs lived in this villa.

Regarding the house, Lee Ji-hoon said, “I have a little more stake, but I put it all together and uploaded it.” “After the house was completed, many people said, ‘Even if it’s a Won-bin’s house, you can’t go in’,” he said. Lee Ji-hoon expressed his gratitude, saying, “It’s not an easy decision, but my wife is a great person. Thank you.”

After breakfast, Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane unraveled their love story. Lee Ji-hoon said, “I honestly gave up on marriage,” and said, “It didn’t just burn.” Hearing this, Ayane showed an active appearance, saying, “I approached it nonetheless.” However, Lee Ji-hoon was surprised to find out that he had rejected Ayane three times.

Ayane’s school days 14 years ago. He said that he started studying Korean after watching the drama ‘Hello Agi’ starring Lee Ji-hoon. When he came to Korea, he went to see a musical performance featuring Lee Ji-hoon, and his ‘Steam Fan; that it was The two met for the first time at a musical performance hall, and it turned out that Ayane said that he had an acquaintance of an acquaintance that he knew was Lee Ji-hoon, so they said hello at a dinner party.

Ayane, who naturally exchanged contact information after the dinner party, contacted first to make an appointment, but the first was canceled because Lee Ji-hoon lost his cell phone, the second was due to gastroenteritis, and the third was a confirmed person in Apgujeong, the meeting place. In his own way, Lee Ji-hoon said, “I didn’t know if I had told you in advance, but I didn’t know the intention of the approach because I didn’t know the circumstances.

However, when Lee Ji-hoon was contacted for the fourth time, he said he was curious and went to the meeting place. Lee Ji-hoon said, “I met him and he was pretty. He was wearing a yellow dress and wearing a hat, and he was just pretty,” he said.

The proposal was also made by Ayane. Ayane had a small party on the evening of the anniversary, and then filled out the Korea-Japan marriage registration form and handed it over. Lee Ji-hoon said, “I thought, ‘It’s faster than I thought'” and laughed, “I made up my mind to get married because I was afraid that I might change my mind and run away.”

By Seo Ye-jin, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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