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TEN Review Lee Kwang-soo Kim Jong-guk I would like to introduce you to my little sister… I don’t talk after seeing the picture Miu bird

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Photo = SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ video capture

Actor Lee Kwang-soo revealed that he was going to introduce Kim Jong-kook to his younger brother.

Lee Kwang-soo joined as a special MC in ‘My Little Old Boy’, which was broadcast on the 15th.

A surprise birthday party was prepared for Lee Kwang-soo, who had his birthday on the day of the recording. Lee Kwang-soo gave thanks by blowing the candles on the cake. However, the candle did not go out and the fire continued to rise, panicking. Lee Kwang-soo said, “It’s burdensome and embarrassing to receive birthday celebrations, but I’m also sad if I don’t have it at all.” He also revealed, “Jongkook hyung was the first to text me congratulations.” When Kim Jong-guk’s mother asked, “Didn’t you eat rice on Kim Jong-guk’s birthday?”, Lee Kwang-soo answered “yes”, causing laughter. Lee Kwang-soo said, “When I receive congratulations, I get angry rather than shy.”

Lee Kwang-soo has a three-year-old younger sister. When asked if they were on good terms, he said, “We fought a lot when we were young, but now we’re good.”

In a previous broadcast, I joked about ‘my younger sister has a beard’ and ‘I’m living a new life with plastic surgery’. Lee Kwang-soo said, “They captured that scene and sent it to me as ‘??'”. Then he laughed again, saying, “My younger brother is getting married through his older brother (Kim Jong-guk) and living a new life.” He also said, “They did some other things with the service.”

When asked if his brother would reveal that his brother was Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Kwang-soo said, “My brother hides his very existence.” He revealed, “When I was young, my younger brother had some kleptomania,” causing everyone to laugh. He continued, “If you hide money, how do you find it? If you joke with your younger brother, then your younger brother is weak, so he doesn’t have any strength, so I secretly turned on a recorder to record what my younger brother swears at and tell my parents.”

Lee Kwang-soo’s sister diss continued. When asked what he would like someone to never touch when he came home, Lee Kwang-soo said, “When my nephew comes to play, the figure is a little (he says to be careful). He already broke some and took some. Maybe it’s because he resembles his mother (sister) ‘ he said, causing laughter. He continued, “I can give it to you, but there are still expensive figures for my young nephew to play with.” Shin Dong-yup was worried, “Is it okay if I go out on TV with everything I talked about with my brother?” Lee Kwang-soo said, “It’s okay. I love you so much,” and changed his stance to a friendly older brother.

Lee Kwang-soo told an anecdote that his younger brother tried to connect with Kim Jong-guk before he got married. He said, “Jongkook hyung seems like the best husband for me, so I joked with him, ‘If we become a family, it’ll be funny'” he said. I saw it and there was nothing to talk about,” he said, bringing laughter.

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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