Ten Years of Friendship With Men ON North Carolina. Ammon

Ten Years of Friendship With Men ON North Carolina. Ammon

Before he died, Archie Ammons asked his friend Emily Herring Wilson to tell her story.

R.A Credit. Fountain

A.R. “Archie” They never wanted a Southern writer to be ammonia. Raised in Columbus rural County, Ammón wrote famous poems about the landscape of tired mills and empty barns at the time of the Station, describing the literary reputation. But he failed the South because he had not learned and chose to spend most of his life teaching and living in New York.

In her new book “When I Go Back to My Home Country: Archie Ammons Memorial” (R.A Fountain / 2019) writer Emily Herring Wilson argues that Ammonia's concern with her own context is essentially in the South. Wilson talks to Frank Stasio about the life of her friend and her colleague. She will be hosting an evening of poetry and commemorations on Sunday, 15 December at 3 p.m. at the Reynolds Library of Wake Forest University.


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