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Source title: Tencent Music Wave Chart October list revealed: jazz and rock masterpieces often seem indie music gaining momentum

Yesterday, the Tencent Music Inspurs (hereinafter referred to as “Inspurs”), a sub-list of the Tencent Music Chart, released the October 2022 list. After a thorough selection by the Inspur judging committee which included more than 100 professional creators , Yu Kewei joined the new song “Moon” to reach the top warmly. It is worth noting that the four female singers Yu Kewei, Wei Ruxuan, Wei Lan, and Yuan Yawei TIA RAY were unanimously loved and recommended by the judges of the Inspur Rankings, placing TOP4 on the list. With different styles, they brought an auditory feast to the audience with various genres such as pop, rock, and jazz, and made us feel prosperous in the current Chinese music scene.

Jazz performance is outstanding Yu Kewei releases new song “Moon” warmly reaches the top

As the “Queen of OST” in recent years, Yu Kewei has always been known for his mellow voice and pure emotion. In the October list, Yu Kewei once again improved the audience with a strong and warm voice, and the new song “Moon” told the details of the relationship with a heart. Well-known producer Han Likang said: “The moon can be returned to Ye Shen, but the approval is still given to Yu Kewei”

Also following the “healing school” is the popular lyric song “My Viewpoint” from Wei Lan. In the song, Wei Lan trusts a girl’s inner monologue in a gentle and smooth voice, filled with a touch of urban sadness, so that every girl can see her own shadow in the song, making this song also full healing energy, the lyrical Shen Mingli said: “Use my perspective, which is also a female perspective, to comfort people who are running around and confused. After listening to it, I should feel that I understand and have healed.”

The jazz songs in this month’s list have risen sharply, and the fourth and fifth positions on the list are all slow jazz songs. “Famous jazz actress” Yuan Yawei TIA RAY sang the ending song “Easy to Love” for the recent hit TV series “Ranging Heart”, incorporating her own lazy voice in the retro tune, make us feel the elegance of women in love Free attitude and personality, also successfully won the fourth place; the fifth place in “old song new song”: Ku Juji joined hands with the new generation of female singer Ye Qiaolin to perform together the song “Someone Downstairs” released in 1998. As a rare jazz style in Cantonese songs, “Someone Downstairs” is quite inventive in terms of rhythm and chord design. Tanya Cai’s quiet and soothing melody, Huang Weiwen’s delicate lyrics depicting the trivial life, together with a new male and female duet, it the song is full of With beauty and sweetness.

The rise of independent musicians and the recovery of Chinese golden songs are booming

Last week, the Tencent Music Data Research Institute released the “Golden Melody Research Experiment” report, which shows that the quality of work has risen in recent years, and the recovery of “Golden Melody” has shown signs of recovery. Looking at this edition’s line-up, the elegant and catchy Cantonese singing of Wei Lan and Gu Juji brought us back to the Hong Kong Philharmonic era in an instant; Xilinnayi Gao and Huang Xiaoyun also let us see the growth and development of the new voice. The competition between powerful singers and original singers shows that there is no shortage of high quality songs in the current music scene, which confirms the current prosperity of the Chinese music scene.

In the Focus Period, independent musicians have arisen with new creative ideas and unique types of songs, and their insistence on independent creative expression has also become a firm guarantee for the quality of their music. With popular works such as “Love Missed”, the Taiwan Orchestra announced that the five members have become outstanding independent musicians in recent years. “Love Missed” was also selected for the “Golden Melody Research Experiment” “A narrated playlist of golden seed songs. In this edition of the list, the new song “Say Hi to Me in the Future” was listed’ n successful on the list. The psychedelic rock style not only continues the literary style of the five people, but also hits the current music lovers. The expectation and imagination of music aspect. As Wu Mengqi, the founder of EY Music said, “Gaowuren can often find a good balance between business, literature and art, and fashion in the composition of words and music.”

In addition, relying on the influence of cross-border traffic and excellent production resources, IP songs have also become a “golden song maker”. The “Preface to King Teng’s Pavilion” sung by Lin Zhixuan, which ranked eighth on the list in this issue, is the skin promotional song for the preface of King Teng’s Pavilion, which is a collaboration between King’s Glory and King’s Pavilion Teng in Nanchang. The production of the song was performed by Lin Zhixuan himself. The Chinese folk music instruments are fully used in the music. The melody is melodious and exciting, realizing the perfect combination of modern rhythm and ancient rhyme.

Tencent Music Wave Chart is committed to creating the most professional and influential music list in the Chinese music scene It professionally defines good music, adheres to the quality of the music scene, and selects new high-quality songs that worth listening to them every month. Inspur Billboard and Tencent Music are jointly composed of You Bang and Tencent Music Chart, which provide listeners with different perspectives on music appreciation through a diverse evaluation system. Looking at the list of this issue, we can see the charm of Chinese music working under the various development. What high quality new songs will be on the list next month, and which singers will be on the list, so stay tuned.


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