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In the first match of the four major tennis tournaments, the visa of Novak Djokovic, who entered Australia to participate in the Australian Open, was revoked, and the tennis world said, “It’s best not to play now. There are harsh voices such as “choice”. Taken on the 13th in Melbourne (2022 Reuters / Loren Elliott)

[Melbourne, 14th Reuters]–The visa of Novak Djokovic (34, Serbia), who entered Australia to participate in the Australian Open (OP) in the first match of the four major tennis tournaments, has been revoked. In response to the problem, the tennis world has made harsh voices such as “The best choice is not to play now.”

Djokovic, who boasts the most 20 wins in Thailand in the four major tournaments, arrived in Melbourne on the 5th of this month for the Australian Open. Although he was unable to enter the country because he did not meet the requirements for new coronavirus vaccination and his visa was invalidated, the Australian court canceled the decision of the authorities and was allowed to enter the country.

However, the Australian government announced on the 14th that Djokovic’s visa will be revoked. The player was allowed to meet with a lawyer, but was ordered by the government to return to the immigration detention facility at 8:00 am local time (6 am Japan time 15th). The Djokovic side has filed an objection.

With various opinions from the tennis world over this situation, Justine Henin (Belgium), who has a record of seven women’s major tournaments, said, “Now it is the best choice not to play. I don’t say Djokovic thinks it’s right and shouldn’t fight, but I think it’s already been proven that so many Australians don’t want him to play. ” Said a harsh word.

Former French Open Queen Sue Barker (UK) said she wanted the world’s number one player to play, but said, “If I vaccinated, he could play. He chose not to. I know, and that’s his right, but the choice comes with consequences. “

Former world ranking No. 1 Andy Murray (UK), who has won three major tournaments, said, “I’m sorry that this situation has happened.” I think it’s good for me. This problem has been going on for some time and it’s not great for tennis, the Australian Open or Novak. “

World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece) also said that Djokovic “follows selfish rules” before the visa revocation was announced, and vaccinated athletes “look fools”. I was criticizing.



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