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[Tenno Sho / Autumn / Anoma Analyze-Part 2]3 The “Planet” of the collapse is a winning ticket. “Buying” material that can be emphasized | SPREAD

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Part 1ContrailGran AlegriaEfforiaConsidering the “three strengths” of the above, two of them have developed anxiety factors, but here we will introduce three hole horses that can aim for the “three strengths”.

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■ Potage

When one of the “three strengths” collapses, the first thing that seems to emergePotageis. Rouge Buck’s half-brother, who had four wins in the group races and second in the GI, has been attracting attention since his debut. ..

Although it is being used, it is steadily drawing a rising curve, and in the Mainichi Okan of the previous race, which was the third big prize challenge, it was the third place by a close margin after GI horse Schnell Meister and Danon Kingly. .. Even though he has not won the big prize, he is showing a run that is comparable to the top class in Japan, which shows his current fulfillment.

The dexterity to take a good position smoothly is good, and the 4 frames that can mark the contrail that entered the 1st frame are also good. So far, 5 races and 5 wins and a change to Jockey Kawada, who is a perfect match for human horses, are also a plus, and I want to get on the flow well and avalanche into the area.

■ Mozu Bello

At the Osaka Hai this spring, Contrail and Gran Alegria were the first to arrive, causing turmoil.Mozu Bello.. Considering that, I am dissatisfied with the results of the last two runs, but the Takarazuka Kinen before the second run was due to the distance loss that was turned around from beginning to end, and the Kyoto Grand Prize of the previous run was not in the main condition. There is room for consideration of the situation.

In the middle of this, he digested the practice just like the actual battle, and in the final run-off on the 27th, he went on a horse with his fellow horse with Jockey Ikezoe in the main battle. At the end, he showed strong legs and finished easily on a first-come, first-served basis. With this, the fighting spirit has been ignited and it is in a state where it can exert its strength.

The Osaka Hai mentioned above was a heavy riding ground, so it is thought that it is a good run due to the difference in aptitude for bad luck. Based on the results of spring, the current popularity is clearly underestimated, and it is one that should be suppressed.

■ Kaiser Minoru

Finally, the Emperor’s Award, Lord Kanaloa’s piece from King Mambo, which goes well with autumn.Kaiser MinoruTo take up. Although his career was delayed due to temperament problems, the blinker he installed from this year made the race stable. Mylars C and Keio Hai Spring Cup finished 3rd, and they have been running well in a row with a heavy prize.

The Mainichi Okan in the previous race was skeptical in the 1800m race after a long absence, but overturned the prewar criticism and made a good fight in the 12th most popular 5th place. Since the saddle was soothing, I was able to get on the flow well even from 3rd place, and even the straight line that was kicked out with fullness was growing firmly.

The extension of 1 halon, which is unexperienced, is an issue, but the stage where speed is a thing. With the suggestion from the saddle, I have been advancing the pieces from the crown to the Emperor’s Award / Autumn every day, so there is a possibility that this will be a “secret plan”. If you want the “three-strong” to blow a bubble, it would be “before”. If you want to evaluate Potage, you should also mark the same horse with a difference of 0 seconds and 1 in the previous run, and even with a win-win ticket, you have all the materials to “buy”.

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▼ UMAJIN Channel “Winning! Okai Juku-Tenno Sho / Autumn Edition”

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