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[Tenno Sho / Autumn / Popularity Trend]The most popular is honestly reliable, but what you should hold down is the win recovery rate of “431” … | SPREAD

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The 164th held at Tokyo Racecourse on the 31stEmperor’s Award, AutumnIntroducing the past 10 years data of (GI, turf 2000m).

Last year’s Triple Crown Horse, which is scheduled to retire by the end of the yearContrail, GI 5 wins aiming for “3rd class conquest”Gran AlegriaWon this year’s Tenno Sho, SpringWorld premiere, Winning the Satsuki Sho and finishing 2nd in Japan DerbyEfforiaGorgeous members are scheduled to run.

Here is a hint of prediction “Popularity trendWill be analyzed.

◆[Tenno Sho Autumn 2021 Forecast / Dangerous Popular Horses, Part 1]One of the top three horses is “erased”.

■ The most popular is obediently reliable, and the 5th most popular run is a turbulent ant

First of all, if you read the top popular horses of the past 10 years,Most popularIs[5-2-1-2]with a win rate of 50.0%, a consecutive win rate of 70.0%, and a double win rate of 80.0%. It has become.2nd most popularAlthough the number of wins is inferior to[1-3-2-4]the double win rate is 60.0%. on the other hand,3rd most popularIs not even mentioned as[0-1-1-8]and the double win rate is 20.0%, which is an unreliable number.

again,5th most popularHowever, following the most popular game with[3-1-0-6]he has won 3 wins, and the win recovery value is 431%, which is often a hole. Looking at the past 10 years, Fierement was the 5th most popular and finished 2nd last year, 2012 Eishin Flash (5th most popular) → 13th Just Away (5th most popular) → 14th year Spielberg (5th most popular) Won for the third consecutive year.

Gran AlegriaContrailWhenEfforiaIt seems that the three of them will share the popularity. It seems to be a hint to capture the betting ticket by honestly trusting the most popular, which has been the most popular from the popularity trend of the past 10 years, and assuming the 5th most popular run.

◆[Tenno Sho Autumn 2021 Forecast / Dangerous Popular Horse, Part 2]“Oanauma”, which is less than 10 popular, “Hidden leg strength” shown after the previous run goal

◆[Tenno Sho Autumn 2021 / Leg quality tendency]1st to 3rd place horses rise “100% double win rate” Gran Alegria that does not collapse at the end of Fuchu is immovable

◆[Tenno Sho Autumn 2021 / Frame order]The 3 frames with the top 3 corners of Efforia are the “demon gates” of “0 consecutive pairs” in the past 10 years.

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