Tens of Thousands Gather in Seoul to Denounce Japan’s Nuclear Contaminated Water Dumping

Tens of Thousands in Seoul Rally Condemning Japan’s Discharge of Contaminated Water

Published on September 2, 2023, 21:51 – China News Network

Seoul, South Korea – In a powerful display of solidarity, tens of thousands of Koreans from environmental groups, fishermen, and politicians converged on Sejong Avenue in central Seoul today to denounce Japan’s release of nuclear contaminated water into the sea.

Since August 24, when Japan initiated the disposal of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the ocean, South Korean environmental and social organizations have been organizing and participating in large-scale rallies to condemn the Japanese government’s thoughtless actions. They also criticized the South Korean government for permitting such discharge without considering the potential consequences to marine life and ecosystems.

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Tens of thousands of South Koreans held a rally in central Seoul to condemn Japan’s dumping of nuclear contaminated water into the sea

Release time: 21:51, September 2, 2023 Source: China News Network

On September 2, local time, tens of thousands of Korean environmental groups, fishermen, and politicians gathered on Sejong Avenue in central Seoul to hold a large-scale rally condemning the discharge of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear contaminated water into the sea.

Since Japan began dumping nuclear-contaminated water into the sea on August 24, environmental and social groups across South Korea have continued to hold large-scale rallies, condemning the selfish behavior of the Japanese government and the irresponsible attitude of the South Korean government . to allow Japan to drain the water, operate the sea. (Produced by Liu Yinghan)

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