Tense Relationship Between Ten Hag and Sancho Surfaces, Lack of Locker Room Support

ESPN Report: Tension Between Ten Hag and Sancho; Lack of Support in Locker Room

In a recent Premier League match, Manchester United suffered a 1-3 defeat to Arsenal, with Jadon Sancho not even making it into the squad. Manager Ten Hag expressed his belief that Sancho had not been putting in enough effort during training, leading to teammates feeling like scapegoats.

The strained relationship between Ten Hag and Sancho has now caught the attention of ESPN. What’s more concerning is the lack of support Sancho is receiving from his fellow players in the locker room. Since Ten Hag took charge, Manchester United has placed a strong emphasis on discipline, regardless of a player’s status within the team.

From my perspective, there are three key reasons why Sancho is not receiving support from his teammates. Firstly, his lack of commitment and tardiness during training have caused him to be looked down upon. If a player is not in top shape and isn’t putting in the required effort during training sessions, it naturally affects how they are perceived by their teammates.

Secondly, the high transfer fee and salary Sancho commands at Manchester United, coupled with his underwhelming performances compared to his time at Dortmund, have left his colleagues feeling underwhelmed. The expectations that came with such a significant investment have not been met, which is disappointing for both the club and the players.

Lastly, Sancho’s tendency to disappear during matches has also drawn criticism. While he was a force to be reckoned with in the Bundesliga, his performances in the Premier League have been lackluster, often failing to contribute significantly to the team’s goal-scoring efforts.

Time is running out for Sancho at Manchester United, and it seems likely that the club may consider parting ways with him. Such a move could potentially benefit both parties involved.

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Original title: ESPN: The relationship between Ten Hag and Sancho is tense and there is no one in the locker room to support Sancho.

In the previous fourth round of the Premier League, Manchester United lost 1-3 away to Arsenal, and Sancho was not included in the squad. Ten Hag meant that Sancho was not working hard in training, and the players responded that they were becoming scapegoats.

Now that ESPN is pursuing and reporting on this issue, the relationship between Ten Hag and Sancho is strained, and there is no one in the locker room to support Sancho. Since Ten Hag coached Manchester United, the team has emphasized the importance of discipline. Regardless of the player’s status in the team, discipline must be adhered to.

From my personal point of view, there are three reasons why Sancho is not supported by the locker room.

First: Not working hard in training, or even late. If you’re not in shape and you’re not working hard in training, your teammates will naturally look down on you.

Second: High transfer fee, high salary and low ability Manchester United spent 85 million euros to sign Sancho and received a top salary of 350,000 pounds in the Premier League, but Sancho’s performance in Manchester United was much less than that of Dortmund.

Third: He likes to hide while playing football Sancho kills every side in the Bundesliga, but in the Premier League he is obsessive, and basically he does not fight for half the goals. opponents.

There is not much time left for Sancho, Manchester United may have moved to send him away, and leaving the team may be a win-win situation. Return to Sohu to see more


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