Tension! Where Andrei shoved his wives

Since last week, a new star has been shining on the BNT airwaves.

After the appointment of Andrey Arnaudov’s former girlfriend – Nadia Ivanova, now Emanuela Toleva, who is his current love and the mother of his child, also works there. She moved the column that she led for several months in “This Saturday and Sunday” on bTV to Zoro Ljubenov.

Andrey and Emanuela blossomed next to each other in the studio of “The Day Begins with Georgi Ljubenov” on Sunday morning and immediately stirred up spirits on social networks.

Many of the users of the social networks grumbled against the shoving of another “fool” of someone on the national airwaves. Others wonder how a girl like Toleva liked a man like Andrey.

Andrey hastened to clarify that his wife worked as an editor long before they met, but the two generally avoid working together. In addition, it became clear from his words that apparently his “Bulgaria Wants You” platform, which he has been working with lately, financed his wife’s project, reports


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