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Through technology, Teresa Teng reproduces Yunlin across time and space, and sings with the singer tonight. (Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong; synthesized by this newspaper)

2022/09/09 20:29

[Adroddiad Gohebydd Zhan Shihong/Yunlin]To commemorate the 27th anniversary of Teresa Teng’s death, the Yunlin County Government will hold a concert across time and space at the Yunlin County Gymnasium tonight.Through technology, the virtual Teresa Teng can travel back through time and space and return to the present with a projection as needed. The gesture, with Xu Fukai, Xu Jiaying, Yan Aaron, Wang Ruolin, Gao Wuren and other real people duet their classic songs, so that fans can relive the old days.

Chen Bijun, director of Wenguan, said that this is the world’s only premiere of “Teng Lijun Reappears Yunlin – Floating Projection Concert”, and this is also the time when virtual person and artist Lijun Teng sang the songs most classic. In the past, Teresa Teng’s concerts were all Chinese Songs are the main focus. This time, a new foreign language song is specially produced, which will be shown for the first time in Yunlin. In addition to listening to familiar Chinese songs, you can also watch the foreign language songs performed by the virtual Teresa Teng for the first time.

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Finally, the simultaneous performance of all the Time Code by a virtual person Teresa Teng, a singer, and a live band can be described as the first show in the world. The combination of new technology and classics reflects the vitality of Yunlin, and feels Yunlin’s eternal daughter – Teresa Teng Amazing stage charm.

Zhang Lishan, the mayor of Yunlin County, said that the most important essence of the floating projection concert is “the integration of classics and modernity” The starting point of this main visual design is to use Teresa Teng’s original pictures with relatively neat. and technological lines. In response to the performance, Teresa Teng’s charming voice was presented, and at the same time, it was rearranged and performed by a professional orchestra, and the “Hollywood level technology” was used to make a virtual Teresa Teng a portrait displayed live in front of everyone through the floating projection technology, creating a form of “trans-time and space performance”.

Through technology, Teresa Teng reproduces Yunlin across time and space. (Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

Through technology, Teresa Teng reproduces Yunlin across time and space, and sings with the singer tonight. (Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

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