Terrifying “Giant Python” Scientist Share clip of surgery after eating crocodile all over body.

is another shocking and very terrifying story when Rosie Moore 26-year-old American model and scientist Expert in Environmental Technology and Nature Exploration The shocking clip was shared via on Instagram @rosiekmoore in the clip reveals that A team of scientists in Florida United States of America help perform a caesarean section “giant python” with a length of 5.4 meters after swallowing a crocodile 1.5 meters long

After the staff underwent stomach surgery “giant python” After abdominal surgery, it was found to be in the stomach “giant python” find a wreck crocodile Still in 100% perfect condition, however, after Rosie Moore It was shared, and it was quickly addressed within a few hours. The clip has more than 10 million views. surprised many people (To watch the full clip, click here)

The Daily Mail website revealed that in an interview with Rosie Moore “giant python” The one that appears in the clip is Burmese Python (Burmese python or Python molurus bivittatus) was captured by a group of farm workers. before notifying the authorities along with saying There is a large object in the stomach Officers needed to use euthanasia to deal with it. At first, I understood that It is probably a deer but it appears to be crocodile The incident was truly shocking, the first time she had witnessed such an incident.

a giant python

However, from the case A giant python eats a crocodile He also said that it further underlines the concern about the invasion of “giant python” in the Florida area that is a threat to many wildlife species Because they prey on all kinds of mammals. for small reptiles The python reproduces quickly and is well camouflaged so it is impossible for anyone to know. “giant python” How many are there and where are they hiding?

Thanks for the pictures and clips: @rosiekmoore

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