Tesla begins to cancel the radar on new Model 3 and Y cars in North America


Elon Musk Tweeted last month revealed that Tesla is about to remove the radar sensor on the new production car. According to the latest official announcement, this transition has already begun in North America. Next, Model 3 and Y new cars sold in this market will no longer be equipped with radar modules, and auxiliary functions such as Autopilot and FSD will all be driven by a “pure vision” solution. It is also because of this that some automatic functions, led by Smart Summon, may have certain limitations in the initial stage, but the official emphasizes that they will push updates “in a few weeks”, and then the car owners can use them normally.

In fact, at the time of the Q1 earnings report, Tesla already stated that they believed that “fully automatic technology will eventually require a pure vision system”, and it was already “almost ready to switch to Tesla Vision in the US market.” Now that a month has passed, they are obviously ready. For North American car owners waiting for delivery, Tesla should notify the relevant changes. The Model S and X will still be shipped with radar for at least a certain period of time, and markets outside of North America will remain unchanged for the time being.


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